Megan 4-2-1 header

I just bought one of these for my 91 RS and although I havent installed it yet,it looks like good quality for the price.Its full stainless and comes with all necessary hardware and gaskets for under $200.Just wondering how it compares to the DC,Greddy,etc.

Installed!Good fit and quality,nice welds…I did however notice an exhaust leak a couple weeks after installation…the leak was coming from the gasket where you bolt the two parts together,so decided I would take it apart and replace the gasket…I broke 2 of the three studs Megan supplies with the header and once I seperated the two parts,the gasket was completely blown out on two sides.Finding that gasket has been a nightmare as I thought AutoZone,etc would have it…NOT!I would highly recommend you DO NOT use the gaskets or studs Megan supplies as they are very poor quality.If you have A/C the hardest part is getting the old exhaust manifold off,you will curse the heat shield alot as well.O2 sensor is in factory position but only reads off one cylinder,I broke mine removing the old manifold so be sure to remove it if you want to reuse it.Overall,it smoothed my exhaust note out alot and pulls stronger past 4000 than my old factory 4-1.

I had the same problem with my Kamekazi header. I blew another one from autozone so I ended up getting a copper one from Summit. No problems for 2 years now.

i to broke 2 studs when i had to remove my megan header. i went out and got 3 grade 8 bolts, 6 lock washers, and 3 nuts.then drilled the holes out to a half inch on both the flanges to ptu the2 parts togather. i have no issues what so ever with it any more, and am very pleased with the how well the header has held up…

Same problem on my old XSI put the header on and there was a massive exhaust leak from the downpipe, needed new gasket.

i had an exhaust leak to just cleaned off the old gasket and reused it. once i cranked those grade 8 bolts down the leak stopped.

My dad and i drilled the flange on the downpipe and used some bigger bolts to fix my leak.

theses headers can take a huge beating. Ive bottomed out like atleast 100 times on this header. 6 months ago my buddy told me that one more bottom out and there would be a hole in my header, 6 months later and still no hole.

Here’s the replacement gasket I ordered,part number is sce-9400 and its available through Summit:

NCteg91,is this the same gasket you used?I emailed Megan about the gasket and got,“yeah,we sell a replacement gasket,give us a call”,but decided to go with the SCE gasket instead since its the only quality one I could find.Sure,it’s no RS-R or Hytech,Comptech,etc,but for the money it’s worth it,especially with my 91 RS having a restrictive 4 into 1.No problems with the exhaust manifold gasket though,but I used my factory metal one with it just in case.

Okay received the gasket from Summit but the three stud holes dont fit the Megan header,so…you have to carefully drill out the three stud holes with a 1/2 drill bit,then I took a Dremel and smoothed the burrs out.Even then,it didnt quite fit so I had to further enlarge the stud holes using a drum sander bit on the Dremel…finally it fit and no leaks…it may fit other headers perfect but for the Megan you will need to modify it slightly,but it DOES work.Just take your time and dont go too crazy,it was a $20 gasket including shipping but is a great alternative to the crappy Megan gasket.

Picture Request.

Hey, just got me some a new Megan header today.
It’s nice and shiney, and stuff, but I was wondering how good it holds up over time.

Anyone have any pics of their’s and how it still looks over time?

My old header became all rusty looking so I ordered a new one off Ebay.
I got it for $65.oo shipped. I thought it was one of those no name brand ones, but it turned out to be a Megan Racing one.

$65 shipped and it turned out to be a Megan? What ebay seller was this if you don’t mind tellin’… I want one also… thanks. :whisper:

I was curious about the bigger runners then the dc sports wouldnt it be much louder too? I once heard a friend with megan header get cracks from the flange weld so i dont know but if anyone know about megan runners beign bigger yield better gains?

If you plan to put ur header to the max use you better have the exhaust pipings all same as with the cat being same 2.25 or 2.5 inches which also means ur header downpipe the collector should be 2.25 or 2.5.

If you only use the header/downpipe into stock cat with modfity 2.25 piping you’ll still get gains but not as much as if u would if u had a test pipe.

Carsound makes them for us. the 94006 is what i use

Hybrid90, Here ya go. 90-91 or 92-93 from Tuning Pros.

Buy at your own risks.

wow, thats one heck of a deal. Too bad it isn’t smog legal…

Hybrid90, Here ya go. 90-91 or 92-93 from Tuning Pros.

Buy at your own risks.

Stokeless - not sure if I know what I’m talking about but on that auction, it lists the outlet of the header being 2.0"? Shouldn’t it be at least 2.25"?

Also… did the headers have a “megan” name stamped on the header itself?

From the picture, it looks like the megan badge is attached to the #3 pipe.

Yeah, It has the label badge is on #3. It came in a Megan box, had Megan stickers, and the warranty card.
Just measured the outlet diameter. Just 2" inches.

If it’s not a Megan, then it’s a pretty good looking knock off.

Also no smog regulations over here.

I just got my $65 header. It looks almost identical to the one pictured in this thread… but its not a megan. :tsk:

Wow,I paid $175 shipped for mine,after a couple months now,it’s holding up well,no leaks and still looks good,although at first it was bronze/gold looking,now it has more of a blue tint to it.Thats definetly the same box mine came in,2 stickers,warranty card,and bag of hardware plus 3 gaskets.