mishimoto radiator installed

here are some pics of the install i did today. the mishmoto fit great no prob with install. i used universal fans. the stock condensor fan will not work on the mishimoto because there are no mounting brackets on the rad for it. i used 10" fans on it and they work great. hope u guys like.




Looks awesome man!!!

DDAAAMMMMNNNN!!! (said like Smokey from Friday)

I can’t wait to see that in Tampa!
:getsome: :manual:

thanks guys

I should be seeing one of those soon, still debating if I want to go with a civic halfy or the one you got

my boy has the hafy and the rad cap sits crooked on his hafe not sure if there all that way though.

Hey how are the fans mounted?

i bought an all aluminum radiator off of ebay(not mishimoto) and my rad cap sits crooked too, but its on all the way. i’ve had no problem with my ebay special $140 shipped radiator at all, i have been very well pleased.

hey neil i just used the zip tie pins that come with the fans. they go through the fan bracket and throught the rad an lock on the other side.

ya well the mishimoto i got the cap fits perfect. maybe thats just on the hafy rad.

what fans did you get with it. looks good, im definetly gettin one now.

well i just went to the local auto parts store and bought the best looking fans they had.i used 2 10" fans for $45 each. i soldered the factory fan plugs on an heat srinked them an they look awsome.

want me to take some close up pics of the fans?

definitely. I need a new radiator and some pics of te fans would be awesome. Thanks

ok i will take some pics for u tomorrow. neil saw it tonight when he cameover he realy like it.

very nice…can u only use the mishimoto radiator cap or can another brand fit ie. oem, spoon, mugen, etc.

ya any rad cap for are cars will fit. if u look at the pic of the rad i have a skunk2 cap on the mishimoto.

cool, yeah i was looking at your pics and thought it wasn’t the mishimoto cap but had to make sure. :up:

no prob

ya any rad cap for are cars will fit. if u look at the pic of the rad i have a skunk2 cap on the mishimoto.

Looks great man. Not sure I agree with that statement though. I’ve heard wayyyyyy too many people say just the opposite. Maybe you lucked out. :shrug:

Hey did it come with those mounting brackets?