Mobil one oil filter concerns

Ok so I have been running Mobil one oil and filters since I got my G2. My question is about the unpresent ‘anti-drainback’ valve or whatever that I have heard some filters have and obviosly this one doesnt.

I took my filter off after the car had sat for an hour or so to change it and the oil and it was DRY, I mean not a drop of oil came out, there wasnt any in it.

This must be the reason my engine will make ticking noises when I start it after it has sat a while, because the filter is draining back all the oil so it must be filled before oil is even making it to the motor. My motor will tick pretty bad on cold starts, meaning not cold temp, even in the summer, just starting it after it has sat more than a few hours, starting it within an hour or so of when it was shut off it doesnt make noise. But the noise stop imediatly as soon as oil pressure shows. (used to me when my oil light went off, but now I have a gauge, and it stop as soon at pressure builds, which is a few seconds for the gauge to even say any oil pressure is there, same with the oil light, took a few seconds) But when the car is running oil pressure seems normal, on cold starts oil pressure starts at 75, then slow goes down to 25 as the car gets warmer, and at 3k it registers 75 or so PSI.

Anyways question is, am I dreaming about this antidrainback valve I have heard of, and go OEM Honda filters have it? I want that filter to hold oil so it builds pressure immediatly on start up.

Thanks, and sorry for the long post :smiley:

just go get a FRAM. they will hold the oil and it won’t do that any more.


Fram = Death

But seriously, do yourself and your car a favor and don’t use FRAM oil filters.

Agreed, stay away from FRAM. They’re amongst the crappiest filters out there.

Go K&N!

OK so after an hour or so reasearching on HT I found that OEM S2000 ones or NAPA Gold (made by WIX, made by Dana) are the way to go, both have antidrainback systems in them too. The napa golds seem to be the way to go because they are bigger. And for those buying OEM filters, seems like you should start buying ones for the S2000, all others are not being made in Japan anymore, they are being made in the US and Canada. They are also smaller and less quality.

AND yes it seems that the Mobil 1’s dont have antidrainback valves, that explains my issue on start up, grrr, will be buying a Napa gold asap lol.

Hmm to edit my previous post…

Looks like Mobil 1 does have an anti drainback valve, maybe mine was busted lol… Now I am really confused on what to get :shrug:

well going by that I would get a Purolator or a Proline.

WIX or napa gold or carquest premuinm
all same made by wix

2ndgen, what do you use?

I am gonna start a poll…

OEM Honda Filters

Seem to be fine for me, no problems, always oil in there, and have never heard of a knocking sound from my motor, I’d be pissed, see if it was a manufactures defect on that Mobile 1 oil filter, claim your motor is punched.

Oil fill

Yup Fram is the best for me.
It’s what I love using when I have a good ol coupons.

i use carquest cuz a friend owns the shop and gets it for cheap for me

i dont know what filter to use either, im using a stp filter now and i hope its doing its job :frowning:

I know that I’m going to get ripped for this one! I have been driving since 1988 when I got my driver’s license. I have owned at least 16 cars since then. I have always used the cheap Fram on all of my cars and even the SuperTech from Wal-mart and you know what?
never had a single oil issue on any of my cars!
Take it or leave it… :slight_smile:

My choice: Get Purolator Pure-One.

:read: Also for reading: look here

just stick with the oem honda filter, it’s not that expensive.

acutally i think that i read some where that some of the oem honda oil filters are made by fram… so i donno what to think about that…but i say as long as u change your oil on time your not going to have to worry too much about it.

i use to use a k&n filter but ever since they raise the price on it from 10==>12 bux i just went oem. it might not seem like a big jump in price to any of you guys but thats b4 taxes AND not including oil (mobil one), and i drive too damn much to be changing with k&n. i also had a cupon for discount on oil filters from dealer (18bux for 3 oil filters). i say as long as u dont get a defective oil filter then u should be fine and most likely theres a by-pass valve even if ur oil filter fucks up. so ur motor still stays lubed (its not good but its better than nothing).


oem s2k or K&N A few of the tests I’ve seen have put K&N on top. If price is not a concern than go with the K&N.

OEM filters are made by filtech and fram. Dealer stock depends on supply fluctuations as far as which one they get. Filtech is a good one, as that is who used to make them. Im still iffy on the fram though. Also the smaller OEM filter is supposed to give a little more psi. I’ve ran both S2k and A02 and they are both fine.