MPG problem

Any suggestions? I feel like the MPG is horrible. I’m going to put some fuel system treatment in. Get plug wires and injectors. I filled up and reset the trip mileage. That much gas and only 140 miles? Seem horrible to me. Also I’ve already replaced the spark plugs. Also it just has a stock B20B in it. Has anyone ran into this problem be for?

Something is definitely wrong. Stock MPG is like 23 city 27 highway i think. Have you replaced your o2 sensor?

A lot of factors but… are you running B20 basemap or stock LS?

Don’t forget a fuel filter if you haven’t replaced it yet.

I’m pretty sure the O2 sensor is good. But I’ll double check it. Also I’m using the LS map. Also it set a couple months due to bad tranny.

Well, using the incorrect map for the motor will definitely play a role in, everything… Performance, idle, MPG, etc etc etc.

Lots of factors come into play with bad fuel economy but the basics are always the best and cheapest way to start. Also with swapped motors vaccum lines have to be thought about ie fuel pressure regulator. How long has the swap been done? Have you always had poor economy with this setup or is it a new problem?

Ummmmm… swap is about two years old. And no it was fine until the transmission locked up. Put a GSR tranny in. Have had it back and fixed for three weeks now. I have a wix fuel filter, NGK plug wires and O2 sensor on the way. Also was gonna put in a bottle of Lucas deep fuel system cleaner. Any of you suggest a different fuel system treatment?

Did it have a GSR trans before?

Have you figured your actual MPG yet? The stock fuel gauge does not mirror the amount of fuel in the tank perfectly.

I’m getting about 26 mixed 60/40 driving with a stock b20b w/cable GSR trans. I drive like an ass so that does have a lot to do with it.

No I haven’t but my tank is almost on E with only 160 miles… that’s like 13.3333 miles per gallon… That’s like driving an F-350 lol… I’m changing the fuel filter tomorrow morning. Some guy I worl with said a lot of “Honda guys” but a fuel gauge kit on top of the fuel filter?

The gauge on top of the filter is simply fuel pressure…

That would only tell you if you have a weak fuel pump… Wouldn’t have anything to do with MPG.

Well I’m trying to change the fuel filter now… The 17mm on top will mot move one bit… I’ve tried everything, the filter just spins now… Any tricks of the trade, gentlemen?

Below that is a spot on the top of the filter you can put a wrench on to hold it from spinning.

^Man I feel like an idiot… Idk why I didn’t do that…

Replaced fuel filter, new spar plugs and plus wires. Just now filled up, hope this fixes it.

Adjust timing. you might be too advanced. your MPG is lousy especially if your advanced and using regular unleaded. Use regular unleaded with timing set to 16 degrees BTC.

Yeah I had a back fire today. And one yester day. I’m gonna change the timing belt amd have it ajusted

as suggested, check your timing. also, check your fuel pressure reg. if the diaphragm is leaking, or vac line to it, you will have increased fuel pressure when it isn’t needed. no driveability issues will be observed. just a decrease in mpg

Use better gas. My integra whenever i put 91 fuel from a cheaper gas place… It eats up my full tank in 3 days. With hardly any driving to it…which is fuckin insane. So i only use chevron gas now and my mpg went from those 3 days up to 2 weeks with heavy throttle here and there.

Changed plug wires and fuel filter. Looks a lot better.

Now to mess with the timing to see about thw back fires

Good to hear your getting it figured out, but definitely check the timing also check your vacuum lines to see if there’s a possible leak.