My Build (Resto Mod, Daily Driver, Weekend Toy)

Already posted some pictures but these are better, plus this will now become my build thread.
Car was bought to serve as my DD since gas is too damn pricey in my Jeep. Of course being me, I can’t leave well enough alone so it’ll get more toys as time goes on.
Specs are as follows:
93 GS-R Body
Tein HA Coil Overs
B16A Swap

Right now only things I have planned are to fix some small little issues (missing interior pieces, reverse lights not working, etc). I also want to drop it down a bit more.
After that’s done I’m gonna buy some new rubber for it, strut bars/braces and sway bars. Then I’d like to change the trans out to a GS-R with an LS 5th gear with a Quafie LSD. Then I’d like some nice wheels/tires and some appearance stuff.


Little bit of an update, I’ll have more pictures tomorrow.

Picked up some JDM 1 pieces for a steal. Had to polish them up and fix one of them. Here’s pictures of that process.

car looks nice man! I also have to resort to driving a Da cause of gas in my jeep haha. I’m not complaining though, also have the b16a swap and I’m likin’ it.:rockon:

I’m going to be selling my Jeep actually. Can’t have 2 vehicles right now.

Installed the JDM 1 pieces, HIDs in the headlights and fogs (6000k head lights, 4300k fogs), lowered the car back down and put the Type R lip on.

My make shift garage to avoid the rain:

I’m going to aim the lights right now.
I need to re do the connections and connect a connector to the fogs, I noticed I didn’t connect it after getting the bumper back on.

how much did your HID kit cost? im thinking about doing a HID to my 1pcs and were did you order it?

Bought them locally. They were 120 each. I have no clue if the guy would ship them.
Last I saw TI had them for 150.

Personally, I wouldn’t do the kit again. There’s an ass load of glare.
Over the winter I’m going to get another pair of 1 pieces and do a nice projector retrofit with bi-xenons and maybe even levelling motors.

Go to ebay. They average 100-120 shipped. That’s where basically everyone who doesn’t buy kaixzens gets HIDs from. I’ve had ebay 12k’s in my da for a while now…

MoAr updates on this project!! lol

I gotta get some one pieces, those look f’in good.

Yea, the one pieces clean up the car a hell of a lot. No if it didn’t have so many battle scars lol. Ah well, paint next summer, I hope.

Did a photo shoot of the car today, I’ll add post them tomorrow. Also, I ordered a new lap top (for the geeks out there, Dell 17" 2ghz core 2 dou, 4ghz of ram and dual 320gb hdds) but it won’t be here till Sept.

As for what I’m currently working on, well, I like lists so I’ve made a list. Now this is really just the major shit, I’ve got a lot of minor apperance related this I want to address too (EK sides, some missing interior trim panels, some new interior trim panels, getting my head rests recovered (or my seats recovered), etc). Hope to get this all done by Christmas

  • S2000 Cluster Swap
  • Some security measures
  • Winter Tires lol
  • Cat Back exhaust (Greddy or RS*R)

Then over the winter I’ll be doing the following:

  • A proper HID protector retro fit with BRAND NEW JDM 1 pieces. Again both head lights and fogs will be converted, Bi-Xenons for the headlights and maybe even leveling motors if I can fit them.
  • Old School styled rims, I’m thinking Drag DR20s with some fat offset.
  • Gather parts of my turbo build.
  • Gather parts for my suspension build.

Stay tuned!

Few new pics. More can seen in my post in the photo gallery.

following the build nice man… ill be loookin over it… keep an eye out for mine

Thanks man.

Found an RS*R Ex-Mag BNIB in MI. Gonna head down at the end of the month to pick it up w00t!
Also picked up my S2000 cluster, now I just need my convertors.

cool I like it already.

I’ve got a spare DA cluster to make my plug and play wiring harness from.

Here’s the harness and plugs in the back of the DA cluster. Not a plug like the S2000 so we’ll (read my wiring guru friend) will have to make it into a plug that will fit into my factory harness.

Added some stuff, got some more parts, etc.
Relocated the front license plate to the passenger side, need to fix it a tiny bit so the chrome doesn’t show and put some bolts in it (zip tips FTW!).

Mounted my Benen Rear Tow Hook, still need to do the front. I’m sure people will hate on the polished but I personally love it and once I get new rims (offset Axis Old Schools), it’ll look sweet.

Went to Pac Mall the other week, wanted a Skunk2 Shift Knob. One place told me all of Toronto was sold out and I wouldn’t find one. So I went to another store and they passed me one from under the counter and I also bought a rear upper strut bar.

Got my Blox Oil Adapter, now I need to decide what type/brand of gauges to run. I’d like to run the Defi or Autometer Nexus gauges but holy pricey!!

Lastly, my Modifry ECT Module showed up. Still need a few parts but getting closer and closer to doing my S2000 cluster swap.

Very nice.

You should take step by step pictures if you can on the S2k cluster install/wiring.
Maybe we could put it in Teg Tips, I definately want to put one of those in my car…

Good ish man :rockon:

I will be doing a fuel write up with pin outs, wiring diagrams, etc.

What are you going to do with that JDM DA Cluster?

:angel: lol[/B]

What JDM DA cluster?
It’s a DB1 cluster, I’m in Canada hence the kilometers. I’ll be selling the DB1 cluster. The cluster in my DB2…not sure if I’ll be selling it or not.

[QUOTE=G2 Racer;1910734]What JDM DA cluster?
It’s a DB1 cluster, I’m in Canada hence the kilometers. I’ll be selling the DB1 cluster. The cluster in my DB2…not sure if I’ll be selling it or not.[/QUOTE]

Ah okay, how much for the db1 cluster shipped to the states you think?
I’d be interested in it…
It’d be nice to have the LS Redline but speed in kilometers…since im keepin my ls.