My lil Mini-Meet

heres me and ricoh_x’s mini meet lol, ricoh just got his 1 pieces installed…so nice

The dont look like they fit to well and your fornt bumper is all gay’d up…

Looks good

its because he has a lil damage to his bumper and hood

Wow that’s really warped or something. :frowning: Is he gonna get that fixed?

Starting to like the 90-91 front bumper more and more all the time.

Please take a few minutes to paint those wiper arms black. Please, do it this weekend.

I spy white wiper arms :slight_smile:

:up: and yes d00d…get that ish straightened out

yes i dont even think im gonna get a 92-93 bumper now, I like mine! and im staying with USDM lights

Your Rims Are Just::::::

Bling Bling

whos wheels? mine or his

The UGLY ones…

the car on the left or the right!!!


They both look like asshole

thanks for your comments :blah:

Ignore those comments… unfortunately some people just forget where they came from when they started in this site… :crazy:

But here is… :up: for the good progress on your G2. Since you are in the LA area bring her down to my garage so we can fix those one pieces.

hey man where are you around in La?

Here in City of Bell where are you located?

near downtown la

You are near by… call me up so we can meet up. 323-972-2431