My New Turbo Build Is Underway...Check it out

After experiencing the all-motor side with my fully built ls/vtec…its time to go to the darkside. I took no shortcuts as you will see by the following setup.


ERL Pro-Sleeved (Same sleeves that Joe Demaree Runs) 84mm B16 (1715cc)
JE 9.0:1 Pistons
Crower Rods
ERL 5 Main Girdle
Arp Mains, Rod Bolts, and Head Studs
Rated Capability of this block is 45psi and 750+hp

B17 Head
Mild Port And Polish
Skunk2 Titanium Valvesprings and Retainers
Ferrea SS Valves
GSR Cams
Skunk2 intake Manifold
Hondata intake manifold gasket
RC 1000cc injectors

B17 GSR YS1 Tranny (oh boy this should be fun)
ACT Maxx Xtreme Pressure Plate
ACT 6 Puck Disc
(Clutch combo rated at 487 ft/lbs of torque)

Hondata S200b
P28 Ecu
Apex’i AVC-R Boost Controller
Stewart Warner Boost/Water Temp/Oil Pressure Gauges.

Now the Good Part
Turbo Kit and Setup
Full-Race t3/t67 (Big Kahuna) .63 a/r Stage 5 Wheel Supports 650+whp
Autolab Custom Topmount Turbo Kit (Same as Tenzoteg92’s setup)
Custom bar and plate backdoor intercooler setup
Tial 44mm Wastegate
Tial 50mm Blow off valve
All aluminum charge piping (what little there is)
Side dump exhaust (yes, it will be loud, but nasty)

Projected Numbers
Pump Gas (93)=400+whp
Race Gas (c16)= Whatever 35psi will net me, im guessing 600 range.
Revving to 9500 :rockon:

All in my Frost White 93 GS-R. When it is done and dynoed ill get some video and sheets.

got pics?

Not yet…ERL still has my block.

theres the turbo :rockon:

hope you enjoy revving really super high and have ITR LMA’s to support it. because on a 1.7L engine that turbo’s gonna need some damn high revs to make 400+ hp worth of flow.

ah well, enjoy. looks like it’ll be fun. :slight_smile:

What bank did your rob for that stuff? :rockon:

Dont believe the hype…A guy i spoke to on HT made 414 on pump at 15psi…and 547 on race at 22 IIRC. Spool time looks to be about 5krpm…revving it out to 9k for now. And once i source a kit a 50 shot will go on it which will take care of the lag.

dear god you are going to kill yourself!! Looks like a fun setup!

any update :rockon:

sleeves are done. waiting on assembly and turbo kit. bump for a bad ass setup. :rockon:


The only thing i would have done different is used an ls crank and rods with their superdeck 2 setup and been dam close to a 2.0. Good shit though, i cant say enough good things about ERL, I sell their stuff all day long.

I would have gone with the superdeck but i didnt have the funds. These are the actual sleeves that Joe Demaree runs in his drag car making over 800hp. They are called the “pro-sleeves” and are WAYYYY overbuilt. We shall see what the little 1.6 can do

Very nice set-up. I’m certain you’ll be making GOBS of power. But I was wondering why you went with the B17 head? Why not an ITR head?
Also, have you thought about an LSD? You’ll be having tons of traction problems with that much power.


B17 and ITR heads are the exact same casting. ITR’s have a mild port and polish factory…mine has been mildly ported as well. Plus my car is a GSR so i had the b17 head already.


good to see erl finally catchin on , i have been preaching their stuff since before they even had a website.

they definetly have the best shit i have seen. everything is just perfect on this block.

Bump for pics!


nice setup definately should make some good #'s GL wit that. :rockon:
also why go wit the skunk2 instead of the JG intake manifold? JG is supposed to yield better power for turbo apps