need help! b18b turbo??

hey guys, im planning to boost my 92 teg. i wanna get a b18b motor (since my stock b18a is about to break down)… what modifications do i need to do to a b18b if i want to boost it? no vtec head or anything just plain LS-turbo. i jus wanna have a regular daily driven ls turbo. please help me out guys :angel: thanks in advance

for low boost you really dont have to do anything to it, maybe some ARP head studs and thats it. It really depends on your HP goals.

i wanna get like atleast 200 hp.

thats nothing

Yup, that’s nothing. A good condition bone stock B18 will handle that no problems if driven with some intelligence.

Slap a T3 or T3/T4 and boost about 8 psi and you will be at about 200 whp.

oic. thanks guys