Need help on finding a ecu 4 turbo LS

I called Zydne and they said there unit is $1000 U.S, then I called Hondata and they said no can do, only 92 and newer Integras work with there computers. I have a 91 GS Integra with 450cc injectors. Is there any other options for me (ie: Haltech)? A 1000 bucks American is 1584.10 CDN and we have not shipped it yet. Is there any other options thats not going to bend me over and dry mount me sideways?:mad:

For the GOLD unit, probably not going to find it much cheaper. Bill, from ZDYNE offers to sell it for $800/unit if you can get a partner to buy it at the same time and ship the new ECU’s to the same address. Other than that, check around and see if someone is selling one. As far as I know, the Haltech unit is even more. I’m trying to get the GOLD ECU for $800(no partner needed) from a local shop that is a distributor of Zdyne, but that’s cause my boy is good friends with the owner. We’ll see.

Integracon- Are you interested in doing a group buy? I could send you my mailing address and lute seeing how you already have the hook ups. I am not ready right now but at the end of next month I am good to go.:smiley:

Mike, check your mail, bro.