Need help with head...

my teg is at my tuner for my turbo kit to be installed. My b17a1 motor compression is

140,210,210,210. Cylinder 1 is bad.

My build is stock internals with skunk 2 intake mani/half core radiator. My tuner said to just build my head with valves, valve springs and retainers/ cylinder work. I do plan to rebuild in the near future, how ever funds are not there at the moment. The whole rebuild with the valves is going to be $2,000. Should I just get a b16/b18c1 head or do the valve work?

Compression bad?

If compression on cylinder #1 is bad, I’d find out why, before you throw money into that build. Could be just a head gasket, or it could be a cracked sleeve.

As far as your head choices. I’m not familiar with the advantages of the B17, but I think the B16 head is the cheapest to build and you can use Type R internals.

I talked to my tuner yesterday, and he said I will need a new headgasket. He said there could be gunk? all up in the valve as well. I might as well just go with the Competition Cylinder Head work. Which includes, Supertech Valves, valve springs and retainers, cam seals along with oem timing belt, and water pump, etc.

Ill wait to bore/sleeve the block next year:rockon: