Need opinions on this cam profile...

What are your opinions on this cam profile?

  • 264 degrees
  • .423

This profile is good for an NA application, but I was told that with the usage of adjustable cam gears (to cut overlap down), it would work with an FI application as well.


ok I need more info than that…

what the manufacturer
what’s the advertised duration and lift inttake/exhaust
what the duration @0.50
what’s the lobe separation
what’s the gross lift on it

it’s very important you get all these b4 anybody van give you an opinion…

but with what you’ve given me so far i would guess it’s a pretty friggin rough cam…

Hahaha… I guess you probably would need more than that.

This profile is actually a re-grind of the stock B18A cams from Colt Cams. I’ve heard good things about Colt, so I contacted Geoff and he gave me this profile for an NA application. I had asked him about a profile for an FI application and he told me that I could use the same profile. I just need to use adj. cam pulleys to reduce overlap.

The only reason I ask is because I know you’re supposed to go with a milder cam for FI and comparing this profile with the Crower applications, this profile still seems pretty agressive.

That’s all I can really tell you. I still don’t have a good understanding about cam’s and their profiles. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally wouldn’t go to a regrind…better to get a cam that is grinded new…