Neuspeed Brake lines??

Have any of you have experience with these ss braided brake lines. Let me know cause im thinking about buying them.

i just purchased some edelbrock lines front and rear… they will come in tomorrow… i will let you know, i have heard nothing but good things about them though…

I haven’t had the neuspeeds either. I have Goodridge on my car, always worked fine. I picked up some 94+ rear Stoptech lines thinking they would work better for me since I have DC trailing arms. They didn’t fit as I had hoped but they look to be great lines. Look, quality and feel are great, plus they have a plastic coating over the lines to keep dirt from getting in the braiding. They would be my preference vs the Goodridge or Earls which are the only other two I have experience with.

i mean they are from a reputable company, but the only thing that is keeping me from buying them is that neuspeed is having a closeout sale, so im not so sure how that would work if they were damaged or happen to get damaged?

Are they DA specific? What’s the price on them? I have Earls on my car, and no complaints here!

they are DA specific, and they are 99.95 with free shipping.

i found some russel ss braided lines on jegs for 89.99. had any one used these before. Also has any one used the speed bleeders?

i have earl’s on mine.

thumbs up from me

well i ordered the neuspeed lines, so when they get in and installed i will let you guys know the review

Right on, I wasn’t aware they made a set for our cars. Post some pictures up when you get them, and let us know how they work!

will do

as for brake pads i bought axxis ultimates for the front and axxis deluxe for the rears… Should work nice with the 1’ master cylinder, neuspeed ss brake lines, part store blank rotors, all 4 reman calipers, and ATE super blue fluid. Should be a nice little setup.

How exactly are you doing the 1"MC? dont you need a special fitting? Im in the process of getting all my brake parts in order (Legend front upgrade/EP3 rear) and i wanted to upgrade to the 1" MC.

BTW im going with Stoptech brake lines, a bit more expensive but theyre beautiful.

not sure, i really didnt think about the 1’ master cylinder yet. I will probably need to figure something out on that. Does any one know how i can do this??

Got the brake lines in, they look of good quality but i now ran into the master cylinder problem, Where can i get the fittings, cause one of the holes is the 3/16 lines, and the other is the 1/4 line. Now Im looking for the fittings? What do i have to do and where can i get the fittings

well to begin with its all metric fittings. on the 1" Master Cylinder i beleive theres one fitting thats 12mm while that same fitting on the 15/16 is 10 mm. i beleive you need a 10mm female to 12mm male brake adapter fitting. im not 100% sure, nor am i sure where to get the fitting but i need to know also.

yes thats exactly right, the ones from the 15/16th mc are 10mm fittings, while the 1"mc has a 10mm and a 12mm. I need to figure out where to get that fitting, or get a fitting adapter that goes from 10mm to 12mm

Got a local junkyard? You could cut one off of donor car w/ ABS. That would be my preferred method.

If you want to use an adapter, search through the ABS conversion threads, someone posted theirs once. Although that might take awhile to search through. might have what you’re looking for.

The thing is i dont have the time to go to the yard, i have my car on jacks at my parents house. The worst part about this is that i had the fittings to reflare the lines, but i think one of my friends threw them out. So im at a loss on that one. Now there has to be a fitting that had a 10mm to 12mm, its just the fact of finding one. In fact it needs to be 12mm male, to 10mm female.

i think its part number BQ43, fourth down from the top. Im not sure, so if you order one let me kno if it works for you.