New DA owner

Whats up, I just recently traded my 98 Civic HX for a 91 Integra LS Special that is all original minus the tan and grey seats :frowning: and was referred to this site by a fellow DA owner on our main motorsports forum here in Idaho. The car has 187k on it so burns a little oil and all the suspension bushings are shot I believe. Within the next few months I will be replacing piston rings and valve seals, new water pump and timing belt, and replacing all suspension bushings with Energy Suspension bushings. After that will be getting either H&R springs or Tein S-Techs, not decided yet, on KYB GR-2s with 15x7 Drag DR-16s white with machined lip wrapped in 205/50/15 tires. If theres anything else I should be looking into replacing, let me know. Thanks!
My Civic I traded:

The Integra:

i got a white wing for your hatch


Thanks for the offer on the spoiler, Id take ya up on it if I had the money, wont have any spending money for 2-3 weeks, too many damn bills…

Well, found out that my rings are going which is why im burning oil, so that just makes it more important that i get the rings replaced within a month or two. Also hoping to be able to pickup a wing for the hatch in a few weeks, but we’ll see what happens.

once the rings are replaced in the engine, i changed my mind on wheels, gonna go the XXR route with these, XXR 531 15x8 or 16x8 +20

White tegs keeping it fresh! Good luck with the build man

thanks. Good luck with yours as well

Whats up with all the white da’s lately? I swear that’s what everyone has these days. (Not complaining…I like them in white)

havent done much to the car lately, been tight on cash for a few months. most recent change was trading my ebay 1 piece headlights for a friend’s OEM headlights. Hoping to have the money to start really working on the car by New Years.

Good trade! haha

looks better w/ the OEM than the ebay joints. need to find you a LS/RS/GS OE front lip…it’ll help that front end out

I wholeheartedly agree :slight_smile:

Not a huge update, but someone on a local forum had some Honda parts for sale, so i picked this VC up. Definitely an upgrade from the poorly painted red VC on the car now. Should be on by the weekend.

Looks nice!

Make sure to keep it that way. Get a valve cover gasket set when you do the install… I’m sure you already were planning to, but figured I’d mention it…

Yes, this will stay nice, guy that painted it put about 5-6 coats of clear on it and I plan on taking great care of it(because I could never paint it this good lol), and I’m waiting for my VC gasket kit to get delivered to my work from one of our other branches. I’d gladly wait for 2 days like I am to get the kit for $5.70ish than get it now fromO’Reillys for $22.
Here’s a better pic of it, shows the color changing paint a little better.


Got the VC installed last Tuesday night:

Also, picking up a BNIB Hytech replica header (to replace the Hytech replica a previous owner smashed) for $140 from a member off a local Honda forum next week, here’s some of the pics from the ad:

Ooooooh purdy…

I actually love that new VC paint… was one of my favorites way back in the day when Nissan used a similar color on the 300ZX TT