new here. first DA - 90-93 mut


New member here.

first DA 3dr hatchback

owned a couple 3rd Gen hondas before my DA, 88 crx Si, and a 91 civic hatchback. so im at least familiar with the wiring, and basics, so to speak.

its a slow build project car, needs some work to get it up n on the road.

-drive shafts
-new oil pan
-input shaft seals on the trans
-back up light switch on trans
-bigger injectors - i bought some prelude si vtec injectors for it waiting to send to deutschwerks for flow test and rebuild
-new engine harness - previous owner decided to do half ass wire tuck on stock harness so im having to repair what he did -
-needs 2 new tires
-new rywire ecu jumper and vtec sub-harness made for b17, again PO bought jumper harness then decided to modify it themselves and half the plugs are missing on the subharness. looks like ass.
-needed new fender, and bumper painted
-needed new interior carpet
-new rear seat and panels as the front seats and door panels are 92-93 LS and back seats and panels were 90-91 - got a complete set of back seats, carpet and panels installed.
-new full size radiator. with fans - got it just needs installed
-hondata ecu
-full dyno tune

thats about it for what it needs

-on to the car

Chassis: 90 LS 130K on it.

-Custom Very very metallic medium blue paint.
-92-93 - front bumper
-Jdm one-piece headlamps
-50/50 tail lights.
-Wheels: near mint condition GSR blades - came on car when purchased
-Tires: 205/50/15 Nitto Gens

-92-93 LS seats, and panels, and fresh carpet
-momo wheel
-dual bend shifter,

Engine: ( i am told) an early casting of the 92-93 B17a1, on semi fresh full rebuild, about 3-4K on it

Bottom End
-High CR pistons
-ACL Race series main and rod bearings
-Micropolished and balanced crankshaft
-CP piston Rings

Top end
-Stock head.
plan on doing stage3 Brian Crower Cams, Titanium Retainers, Dual Valve Springs, S/S Valve Stems, guides, Port match, Port n polish, 3 angle valve job on head in future

Transmission - no sticker from what im told its a cable b16a
-Exedy stage1 clutch kit
-XACT streetlite flywheel

Intake and Intake Manifold and exhaust
-Intake - AEM short ram polished
-Intake Manifold - Professional Products Polished GSR Whirlwind Intake
-Throttle Body: Professional Products Polished 65mm Throttle Body
-Exhaust: Aftermarket (no brand badge) 4-2-1 header with custom made 2-1/4 inch s/s piping with Magna-flow 4 inch polished s/s tip

Suspension: some type of coil sleeves on stock suspension ( not my idea - PO’s idea)

here are some pics when i bought it back in august












nice car. i really like the blue…

that is a cable transmission. idk if its a b16 though. how fast are you going in 3rd gear at 3000rpm?

Haha! I like that valve cover!

it doesnt drive at moment. ive had to redo the engine wiring harness, im ordering a new rywire ecu and sub harness, new injectors, and it needs a full tune, along with new input shaft seals(oil seals) in the trans, new drive shafts and a new oil pan, its a slow build im going to start a build thread.

the previous owner said it was a b16 trans, although ive been told it could be a YS1 trans as well. hell it might be just an LS trans. wont know i guess till i get it on the road

thanks for the replies

PICS of progress











thats the progress thus far. now your up to date on where im at

coming along good keep up the good work

thanks, its a labor of love and some MUCH needed TLC

the fender was rattle canned,

i know how it is i need to get mine to my new house to work on it im having withdraws lol

Labor of love is an understatement. kudos to you for saving this teg and good luck cause it looks like you need it…:up:

thank you, it is quite the project. that i grossly underestimated when i purchased.

for an NA high CR build, i plan on stage2 head or an ITR head, would you recommend 2-1/4 inch exhaust? ive been told 2.5 would be too big for NA build, not good amount of back pressure.

Damn, that wiring is a disaster. Good luck on the build man!

^^ true to that, I’d hate to have to mess with a harness like that (harness from hell) I would probably just light it on fire and go get me one from the local Honda auto salvage.

Are your tires facing the right direction? The tread looks like it should be the other way.

Thanks, im pretty decent at repairing modifying wiring so its a headache but its manageable.
yes it is a disaster.
I just yanked the entire thing and went to a pick n pull and acquired a stock( thought was uncut engine harness {the temp gauge and temp sensor plugs are missing} and started from scratch.
I am going to buy a RY-WIRE ecu jumper with plugged sub-harness for VTEC. They have a option to list what motor is being used and from doing some research, the B17 or GSR motor and a b16 have a somewhat different wiring pinout or something and i just want it done right like it should have been in the first place.

never thought to check that, good lord i hope so. I will be astounded if they are on backwards… wait, i probably wouldnt be astounded as per the IQ and lack of common sense the previous owners have shown they had. lol

tires are mounted correctly

Got a lot done to the Integra in the past week end

replaced oil pan
changed oil and filter
replaced drivers side drive shaft
replaced both drive shaft input seals or oil seals
replaced homemade ground wires with Ground cable kit
Replaced jankety ecu jumper and ate up vtec sub-harness with jumper and subharness
replaced half size radiator with new full size radiator
re-installed cooling fan
Installed Acura RDX 410cc injectors
Installed HighFlow AEM fuel rail
Installed AEM FPR

sorry about the pics, will add later

why cant i upload more pics ???