New or Used?

Ok which would you guys do? I can get a used turbo with unknown miles(all i know is the car was running when it was taken) out of a late 80’s thunderbird turbo coupe for 250 shipped. Or a new t3/4 for like 650?

i would not recomend geting a used turbo kit it will be way to many head akes in the future.
Get one for the apt.
due to the very limited space in our engin compartments you will have a hard time finding on to fit and you will end up geting all your pipes costom made any way and what not.
you will need that t3/to4e turbo for them 12s
This is what i would do if i were you. start out with the motor and get that all diled in n/a get you rod pistons clutch and everything you need to boost 14 psi.
Then talk to me. I will get you your turbo kit and fule system. -and its custom made for your teg