Nitrous problem question! Urgent, please help/read!!

I just installed a a venom vcn-1000 nitrous kit in my car. Here is the problem. The car runs really strong without the nitrous with alomst no problems. The car has made the occasional bog on the highway after I detailed my engine a couple weeks ago, and I havent been able to install my speedo cable since my clutch install, so the check engine light comes on. I installed new wires, a ditrubtor and cap thinking that perhaps there could be water in them. Heres the catch. I only have to 25hp jet in my car right now. When I am testing it out I only hit WOT, where the kit activates , in third gear to be safe. What happens is this. The car cuts out the odd time, and does the same boging that it does without the spray, and then there seems to be a rev limiter at 3500 rpm in every gear. The car feels really strong on the spray, but this stuff is scaring the **** out of me. The air/fuel ratio meter that comes with the kit reads rich when Im spraying, and fluctuates only a little in the lean. This is hopefully indicating a stoich mixture. Can someone please help me out. Im going to the track on Sunday, and Id like to fix the car tomorow. Please I beg you, help me out!!!

IMPORTANT you have problems you are definitely lean your A/F gauge should always read rich at WOT… So the bogging will be your knock sensor sensing detonation and pulling timing. You cannot be getting enough fuel. Checkout there NOS forum there should be able to help you out. Ps I hear nothing but bad thing about the venom kits:down:

Oh and thats right I said NOS;)

My fuel pressure regulator is at 40 psi at idle. Maybe I should bump that up a little then? What could be casing the boging when the car isnt spraying?

Post in the forum I listed above they will tell you:up:

I honestly dont know what it coule be, i’m currently running the zex 55hp shot, which kicks in at WOT, and i havent had any problems with it! I would agree that you are running WAY too lean.

My car did the same thing just now when I bumped my Fuel pressure up to 50 psi under throttle. Im taking the kit out, and Im going to run the car all motor tomorow to make things easy on myself.

Speedo Cable…

Is there a reason why your speedo isn’t hooked up? When I’ve driven with out my Speedo cable I’ve noticed my engines performance decreased. The engine mixture felt off. I think you you using Nitrous is compounding thats ECUs bad mixture. Slap your cable back on…before you start dicking around with other stuff… IMO