no boost?

i have no boost, first of all the turbo is a brand new percsion sc32 turbo, the turbo spools up making a swizzing sound with no boost when driven. The boost gauge does’nt go past 0 however the vacum works… what should i check for. I am using rubber and silicon couplers and the pipes are 4 section, the intercooler doesnt leak i did a pressure test i am also using a cast iron manifold by rev hard a down pipe and a wasgate by tial, and log type b.o.v by apex’i… what should i check for ???


is this while driving or while you are sitting in the car in neutral and reving it? you wont get any boost unless you put load on the engine i.e. drive down the road getting it up to 4-5k assuming you are tuned to go that high already

this happens while i am driving… i can hear the turbo spooling but there is no boost…

check ur wastegate spring maybe its opening too soon

i would go over all the couplers on your piping make sure their not loose. I would also see that your wastegate doesnt stay open when you turn on the car or maybe your bov opening up and letting all the pressure out before it gets to your intake manifold. :slight_smile:

Blow off valve stuck open?

So any luck. :cross: