North Carolina Meet Charlotte / Winston Salem / Hickory

Anyone in the Central NC area hit me up. I live right outside of Charlotte and just moved here. Checking it out there are few DAs haven’t seen too many though. Holler at me if some of you would like to have a meet. I am planning a Dragon run in late March early April let me know if you are interested.

DA 4 Life

I am planning a Dragon / Deal’s Gap meet for late Spring. Sometime around last weekend in April. Let me know if interested.

thinking the smae thing

I live in charlotte right off of independence blvd, iwas thinking of the same thing to have a meet of da’s and db’s… my plan was to have a barbeque at the dragons tale in boone, nc. with everyone bringing there on or we get a collection going and put the money towards the purchase of the food and drinks. What do you think???:idea: :think:

Drogon meet would be awesome, I would like to get a honda meet going on in Charlotte some weekend, my email is email me if you want to meet up sometime. Ill holler at some friends in hickiry w/ DAs to come down.

A weekend meet up would be cool… here’s my e-mail so let me know when and where your ready to get up…

DA meet this weekend Birkdale Commons exit 25 I 77 N

cool, what time is the meet because i work from 12pm to 6pm on saturday?? also i’m going to try and get my car running again due to waterpump failure.

Dude check it…theres another meet going on in myrtle beach, sc in june on the 21st, when we meet up maybe we could get others to go and we all could make that run down there. check the other threads that has more info about the meet.

Whats up, there aren’t any 2nd gen drivers that would like to do this meet in the Chalotte and surrounding areas:wtf: I’d thought this would be a good idea to do this to start the season right… come on lets get some feedback!?!:pupeyes: :dance: :tapfing:

I am down whenever, there is a dyno day coming up, reply if you are interested.

:clap: when is dyno day and where, and how much will it be? I just fixed my teg today so i might be ready to do a pull if the price is right.

Hey man it is at BRE motorsports in concord should be 22 or 23, keep in touch I wil let you know more details. The cost is usually $50 for three pulls. I had my civic dynod. It was great.

i might be able to show up, providing my car is even DRIVEABLE by then… just got a DA for $500, and it needed a lot of work, but i live in Calabash, NC… about 10 mins from north myrtle… i’d love to go to both though!!

Hey man that’s cool, I am planning on going to shallotte sometime soon. Let me know if you need some help or parts. Charlotte is pretty far away from there. If you are interested, I am planning a Dragon Meet sometime in april or early may. Let me know if you are interested.


Congrads on getting the best car in your life:up: :gotpics: :salute:, now back to business… the more tegs the merrier, it would be real cool to make this b’que happen for the first of the summer season. If you got any ideas please share.

i want to do the dragon run for SURE!!!

yeah shallotte is 5 mins from me, i need a harness for my fog light :bang:

I have two sets of stock headlights, may have wiring I would have to check for you. The DA of the Carolinas need to unite for a dragon ride. I am thinking end of April. Give me some suggestions for a date. Also the NDRA/NHRA sportcompact drag racing :burnout: is having the first race of the season on March 29 30 in Commerce GA. It is about two hours from Charlotte.

I want your bumper along with your bumper lights…lol. and the driver’s front fender if possible… what about that cai???

how much for all this??

oh yeah and if you can do it all the wheels and tires and i’ll swap ya my old ones if you’re just gonna send it to the scrapyard. mine aren’t gonna pass inspection…lmao.

Car is long gone this happened last year when leaving the dragon. I put another car together with parts of of this car and sold it. This is my new integra.

dude how did you reck your integra leaving the dragon?