not building any BOOST

Hello im in the process on turboing my integra.heres my problem my car does not build boost.seems like the engine is not giving enough exhaust waste to turn the turbine fast boost gauge reads -20psi VAC at idle,and when i punch the gas it goes to 0psi boost. U guys ever here of symptoms similar to this one
can some one plz help me im really desperate. can this be a boost leak?or will a boost leak still give me sort of boost?maybe vaccum line are not connected the correct way.
All replies will be greatly appreciated.

Umm…Are you punching the gas in neutral? Cuz you need A load to spool the turbo. AKA get her in gear and moving and see what she does. And then if that still doesn’t build boost, Check your vac. lines and IC pipes. But if at idle u got from 20hg to 0hg, im going to guess ur trying to spool ur turbo in neutral…

i am taking the car on the road driving it but it barely seems to spool up.My car was faster N/A.the car goes from 20hg to 0,regardless if u are in neutral or driving it.Do u guys think intercooler piping can lead to this???(maybe a little leak)

do u hear ur turbo spool? its a leak…what do u have connecting the pipes together? couplers and tbolts i hope.

You most likely have an intercooler pipe disconnected. You will still build some boost if it’s just a leak. The guage should not stop at 0 psi and then start climbing into boost, it should just gradually pass 0. Check all of your piping and the seal between your head and manifold and manifold and turbo. Also check to make sure the wastegate isn’t hanging open. This is a common problem if it is an internal gate.

maybe wastegate problem?

probably a leak.

  1. check all ur couplers
  2. check ur blow off valve vac line
  3. Check ur wastegate (if it is internal it could be disconnected)
  4. check ur IC piping (welds could break)
  5. check for manifold leaks

what size is ur turbo, i highly doubt that it is making 0 psi

It is highly unlikely that just a leak is causing it to not build any boost at all. It would have to be something like a pipe completely popped off or the wastegate hanging open. Originally my wastegate was not adjusted properly and didn’t close all the way, and the car would only make like 2psi at redline.

i had the exact problem u are experiencing, but I was running open Dp and could only hear the beautiful turbine spool, and it masked the horribly huge amount of air escaping through a leak on the coupler to the TB it folded over on the bottom of the TB sooo it couldnt be seen and I was boosting about .25 lbs its was pretty damn FAST!!! boost gauge was reading "zero"ish
sorry, but yea like stated jsut search over the pipes top and bottom.

check all your vaccume lines also. I had the same problem when the line from the intake manifold to the map sensor broke

if you can hear it but the guage isnt doing anything past zero then a pipe is disconnected i would think