Ohio - KY Spring 2008

[SIZE=“6”]Spring Meet[/SIZE]

[SIZE=“3”]WHEN:[/SIZE] Saturday, March 29th 2008
[SIZE=“3”]TIME:[/SIZE] 10:30 to 11:45 meet up (events planned all day)
[SIZE=“3”]WHERE:[/SIZE] Dayton to Cincinnati
Meet up location Wright State University Lot 4 Southwest exit.
[SIZE=“3”]Game plan:[/SIZE]
(10:30a) Meet up at WSU in the early afternoon and gather. :dozing:
(11:50a) Move across the street to Quaker Steak and Lube to get lunch.
(1:30p) Start convoy to backroading location (20 mins drive at most)(shell fuel available at start)
(navagation sheets will be handed out) the route is around 70 miles of roads with plenty of curves, drivers will be lined up as per best fitted to handle the roads. please note cell phones more than likely will not work in these areas, there is wildlife, tow trucks could take days to find you.
(4:30) Gather to leave to Newport, Ky
(5:30) Time to mingle and take pics of the river and Cinci skyline with the tegs.
(7:15) Get dinner at the Newport on the Levee center.
(9:30) check into hotel

*Handheld walki talkies are a great investment for this meet to stay organized (buy one or two) we use channel 14-7
*There will be a phone list PRINT IT OFF , it will have addresses on it of the places we are going as well.
*Bring clothes for the weather as we spend time outside out cars a lot.
*Bring and use a GPS if you have it, program the addresses in before hand incase you get seperated from the group.

**im working on a group rate for the hotel it will be a choice hotel on the levee.

3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy. Dayton, OH 45435

Newport On the Levee
1 Levee Way, Newport, KY 41071


hmmm i may have to do this…i will let you guys know for sure soon. would it be ok to bring non DA/DB drivers but still Hondas? if so let me know and i could probably get more to come…


I may come over from Indiana, to do this

I wanted to know if you guys are down to go to Six Flags Great America in June or July for the Wisconsin/Illinois meet but I am trying to get other state like what we can have a midwest meet at Six Flags Great America. I talk to Great America they said (Groups of 20-99 pay just $29.99 + tax per person when admission tickets are bought in advance. Plus, you’ll receive one free chaperone ticket for every
20 pre-purchased. Tickets can be bought by mail or online.)
If you guys are down to go let me know on the Wisconsin/Illinois Meet forum

I am in!! I am coming from the north!!

I think we already have a summer meet in the makings, in the columbus area.

I am having a few of my friends from Indiana, Iowa, and Missouri telling me they down to go so I ones I know how many are really going I am going to change it from a Wisconsin/Illinois meet to a Midwest meet

[QUOTE=Greenbling;1825703]I am in!! I am coming from the north!!

I think we already have a summer meet in the makings, in the columbus area.[/QUOTE]

I will go to a summer meet definitely. Fuck meeting in March, it’s fucking cold and no one wants to drive around in snow and salt, and stand around outside freezing talking to each other. Who the fuck thought of this?

its the last couple days of march and it will be fine here… we wont have snow down here . most of our meet will be indoors. or in your car. im more worried about rain than ice and salt??/

info for last yr


Minimum temperature
reported during the day.


Mean temperature
for the day.


Maximum temperature
reported during the day.

Doubt there will be snow at 70*, sounds like a perfect day to me. I will be making the 4 hour trip!

I am not trying to start anything here (I am really really not trying to be a dick), but i have to say something…

How about a little respect?
If its too cold for you, then just don’t come to the spring meet. Don’t bitch about it. Come to the summer and/or fall meets.
Some people have worked very hard to set this up. We expect a very large (~35) group of people to wont mind braving the late March weather.

Last years was March 10th!! And we had a freakin’ blast!!!

Here is a pic of many that came out last year.

Hey, if you put something together in may I would come!

i so wanted to be there, but unfortunatly, i have to work that weekend, and its manditory… hopefully the next one