oil pan question?

ive been lookin at different ways to attach my return line to my oil pan and i was wonderin if anyone has tried just drillin a hole in the oil pan and attaching the fittin via nut and rubber washer on the inside of the oil pan as to stop the oil from leaking?

Get a bung hole welded in an be done with it, might work with the rubber but why chance it?

IMO I say do it once and do it right. You can buy a fitting and bolt in in but your taking a chance that it will leak later on.

Since the pan is out anyway weld it once and never worry again.

weld it in there. Plain and simple. I did this on 2 setups. First one worked. Second one leaked 2x’s so we welded it. No more of that.

if u cant afford to weld it which is like 20 bucks at a local shop u can drill it like u said but instead of using the rubber u put J B weld around the tap aand let it sit for a day thats how i did my first one and never had a leak

I went with the Moroso pan. I wanted to the bung for the oil temp gauge too.

:werd: What he said…can’t beat Moroso for the price.