Oil return line hits the downpipe

I just finished my setup and the return line hits the downpipe when it goes to the oil pan. Is this ok? I drove it for a while constantly checkin on it. It seemed to be fine. Any advice?

It should be avoided…are you running stainless tubing? If both are taut and do not rub, I suppose it will be ok, but remeber, that shit get EXTREMELY hot and you should fix this at some point.

stainless or not what do u think runs behind that stainless? rubber line!
if hot enough ur gunna get a leak thats hard to locate and jsut cause problems down the road… header wrap the shat outta the DP/oil line just to be safe…if not move it…

If it were me, I’d re-do the reurn line but, the stainless line won’t melt IMHO.

Fix it