ok guys , turbo and nos g2 users

ive been in the racing game for awhile , ive always been a all motor fan for honda/acura , but since our cars are heavy i think its time for nos or turbo , i want to here others feedback on there setups ?reliability ?happyness ect , also my car will be a daily driver my curent set up
92 ls teg
96 gsr b18c motor
y1 b16 tranny w/act clutch
dc header
greddy exhaust
aem cai intake
ctr cams
skunk mainfold
what you guys think say all motor ,or turbo or nos ? any help input appreaciated

Well, I’ve had NOS and though others aren’t as fortunate, I had no problems with it. It is definately the Best Bang for the Buck hands down. I loved it, granted alot of ALL MOTOR guys hate on it, as do REAL FI(Turbo, SC’d). All said and done, I liked it.
Now as a REAL FI guy(he,he) I still don’t hate on NOS’ers. DO what you have to, I figure. I always wanted a Turbo charged G2 from the day I got my car. I just didn’t know all the odd’s and in’s that were going to come with it.
B18C is an outstanding candidate for boost, it comes factory strong and will put out easily 260-280 on factory internals(TUNED). Which ever route you decide, I will offer my help where I can, and there are plenty of experienced racers on the board (NOS, Turbo, ALL MOTOR) that surely will do the same. GOOD LUCK.