opinions on Skunk2 manifold

What do you guys think? Is it worth it? I’m thinking of sending my head out to Portflow and getting it all done up soon…No matter what, I am getting the manifold port matched…does any one have one?, or know any one who does and had it dyno’d. thanx

I have one, and I think it’s awesome. I portmatched a 68mm holley TB to it and didn’t touch my head. I found extra power thoughout the rpm’s even low to mid, I was running lean at high RPM’s really lean (my fuel pump was dying) but still managed 162HP on the dyno. Not bad considering my tq and hp curve pretty much stopped climbing once I ran lean at about 6k rpm. At the time of the dyno I only had the skunk2, 68mm TB and Custom CAI.

I got one on my turbo ls. I don’t know the diffrence with out the turbo because I put the both on at the same time but It must put out more power because I blew off one of my intercooler pipes and it felt like it pulled harder then stock in the top end.