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whats up everyone-

i see that cheapturbos.com offers a kit for the b series engine. i was wondering if anyone has heard anything or has any experience with this site or this turbo kit. it seems pretty nice - garrett turbo, pwr intercooler, tial wastegate, tial bov, and the manifold seems really nice, plus it has a lifetime warranty. even though the name of the kit, ‘peak boost’, is pretty hardcore(sarcasm), i just wanted some opinions. oh and one more thing - im still trying to pick the size of my turbo, and i was wondering if a .48 exhaust side and .57 compressor trim is a decent size. i will be running it on a b18a and i want decent spool time (before 4k) but i also want it to rip on the top end. any thoughts? thanks a lot!

are you talkin about the 3k$ one. Thats not exactly cheap. For that much money u could get new rods/pistons and then on top of that build your own turbo kit.

I agree with morpheus…

I also advocate putting together your own custom “kit”

Take the best parts from all of the various companies, kits, manufacturers out there selling turbo parts. Search around this site for what various people think and/or have proven are best. You can put together a “cheap” turbo kit yourself that will work well for $1200 - $1500 US.

Personally, the name “Cheap Turbo” sounds like something I’d be scared of, although…I have no personal experience to go by.

My $.02

Don’t be worried about the name. Cheap Turbo has earned their reputation. Why don’t you do a search for them on H-T?

yeah, well i have no experience at all with cheapturbos, but it just seemed like the kit was pretty nice, especially since the manifold had a lifetime warranty against cracking. i guess i could look into assembling a custom kit. im thinking about buying all new parts though. can anyone answer my other question - would a t3/t4 with a .48 exhaust side and .57 compressor side be a good turbo to get on a b18a engine running 8 psi? i wanted a turbo with decent (before 4K) spool up but also good top end power. thanks

You could run an Inline Pro mani, as well as whatever turbo you wanted (non-ballbearing) and pick out all the other stuff that comes in the ‘kit’ and still come out less. BTW, the Inline Pro mani has a lifetime warranty on it as well. :wink:

Oh, and to answer your question on the turbo, it’ll spool just fine for you. It will def. spool up early, and will be fairly decent on the top end, considering the LS’s rev-limit.

ok…thanks a lot guys. i appreciate the help. where are good places to find an inline pro manifold? is a log-type (or whatever its called) manifold like the inline pro better than the kind that comes with that ‘peak boost’ kit on cheapturbos.com? thanks for all the help.

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ok…where are good places to find an inline pro manifold?


might wanna note that only like 2 kits actually are true ‘bolt ons’ and dont require modification. even the big names like drag and fmax dont fit perfectly so building your own is even more attractive unless youre really lazy about picking your fittings and hoses? probably not.

i know a lot of people who have ordered from cheapturbos.com they are great. personally i would go with a T3/T04E water and oil cooled, 360 degree thrust bearing, externally wastegated, 50 trim stage 3 wheel and compressor of .50 a/r and turbine .60 a/r for b-series engines.