Overheating/Shutting off/weird sound.....

Okay well today i drove up to my girls house which is 1hour away nd when i arrived my car was overheating.Im thinking its because i was at a high rpm for a long time(i was at 4.5 thru 5 in 5th gear most of the time and downshifted alot during traffic)Yes i know it is bad to speed but i did it safely when there wasnt dat many cars so if anything i woulda been the oly one to die!Well,i just filled up the radiator after it cooled down and drove back home not speeding as much but still speeding and when getting off the highway my car shut off on me after 3 minutes of driving on normal streets and stop and go traffic.It would even turn off on me if i engaged the clutch like it would just die.Now my question is what could be causing this?
A lil background my timing skipped 2days ago and i had to re-time it on the side of the road.Could this have had happened again and cause all the problems i am having as of now?

Problem#3 Well today i was taking my girlfriend to school and on the way there my car was driving/sounding okay other than the slight sputter when at 1k idling because one of my sprak plug wires broke inside the motor and we just stuck the wire in there so it can still get spark but i guess it came loose.Well thats another problem on its own so back to what i was saying,My car would drive normal than randomly started making a weird loud sound and sounded like my exhaust has a whole/leak in it but would go away after passing 2.5k rpmand after like 3 minutes it just would sound like that continuosly at any rpm and performance seem to have suffered and sputters alot and hesitates.What could have cause this and what o you think is wrong?
A lil background,i had a tire pop on me on the highway yesterday and pulled my fender out an inch or so out of place and when ilooked down to inspect the damage i noticed where the headers meet the stock cat it had some weird wiring meshcoming out of it?Just wanted to add that cus it seemed relevant.

Sorry for the long read but everyone i know calls my car a deathtrap and always seems to be havin problems so any help will be greatly appreciated!!


Try a tuneup. Plugs, wires, cap & rotor.

i did a tune-up a month ago.I got one out will take pictures of te plug to show you what happened to it.Im guessigthis happened to all of them.


Dude with the way u sound and dont make sense and on top of that for everyday or other day you be having a problem and you bring it up all mix and matching confusing us. I doubt anyone will be able to comment about it.

First of all stop and think about your car for a sec. How many mileages is on the car/motor. What have you done to it lately and such.

You cannot just keep driving it and forget the past problem as it may just get worse. Right now i would honestly say for you to focus on the overheating, then on to the shutting off problem.

But if you are telling us your timing jumped you shouldn’t be driving it, and how the hell you fix it on the road? Doing a timing fix on the side road IDK about that never seen anyone done such thing. Usually involves a jackstand, jack, tools and engine to cool down. and i dont think anyone would carry all that with them everywhere they go? Sorry can’t answer this…

HOW IS ur car idling right when u start it up? If its not normal as it should while it warmup you got issues.

Anyway, being in 5th gear at 4.5k rpm does not affect you from overheating.

I have a b16 short gear driving 5k at 80mph for 1 yr in 5th no overheat.

Is changing termostat part of ur tuneup as well? overheating deals with clogg rad, bad worn termostat, leaking hoses, bad worn waterpump not pushing or the gear on the waterpump is slipping slowly not able to turn with engine speed, blown HG due to high mileage, or driver error( driving like an idiot on high mileage rev, redlining, etc.)

Check distributor itself and internals for within spec voltage/wattage with multimeter. Check plug wires as well as regapping the plugs to specs.

Restate your problems in order and use spaces every 3-4 lines of sentences…Goodluck on this as i am done here…

to answer your first question:Car has 193k n body.Unknown on the motor but im guessing less because its a jdm motor.but i could be wrong.Car was converted to stick shift is the most major upgrade ive done/swapping out the whole motor and tnny at the same time.

I will worry about the overheating problem first because it seems this is causing the car to turn off.

With a 10,12 and 19 you can fix the timing somewhat.match the wholes on the cam gears with the one on the thing i forgot what tere called.

Car idles at 1.2k when first started than slowly drops to 1k-800rpm

And i never changed the thermostat

My plug wires broke inside my motor -.- lmao

Sorry bout all the confusion i shoulda stayed in school :dozing:

You cannot match the camgears to the camshaft spocket 5.0mm holes and adjust your timing belt to match with your crank pulley mark on TDC and call it a day.

Have you not noticed that if you do jump a timing tooth your crank isnt align to the oil pump mark? Most of the time this is what happens as your driving it jump everything usually slips and turn out of spec. But in ur case you’re seeing it as the camgear mark are off so u adjust it accordingly. IDK maybe u are on maybe you are still off 1 tooth noone knows, but if it isnt acting at idle or when driving then I couldnt say so rule that out if its not.

Overheating to cause your car to shut off hmmm I do wonder what this is as i never hear or known such thing. I mean i once had an overheat due to coolant lost leaking and the temp shot up to the H position for 3 mins with the fan heater on and it kept going, but i pulled over and shut it off from futher damages. Same goes for clutch depress or something and it shuts off?

Interesting so i would like to know as well…

Overheat can cause by termostat sticking and not allowing the valve/springs to expand and open all the way which could be a problem too. That is if this was the deal and you revving it speeding, downshifting may allow the coolant to get hotter much faster and cars termo if bad/worn would not allow it to open and flow as it should. Look into it…

Plug wire broke inside motor? Do you mean plug wire is cracked/loose/broke as in 2 pieces but hanging on only, more detail? Well get it changed its only $53-60 bucks NGK blue.

my .02
get an engine thermometer…see when your fans turn on…you could prob barrow one if need be…perhaps your thermo is broken
maybe the timing belt is slightly off
it doesnt sound like a broken gasket leak to me
are your fans working properly?
perhaps there is a clog in your radiator system

just a bunch of stuff to try:) it might work for you

my fan runs off of a switch which i always turn on. and ill check on the radiator having a clog im changing the thermostat asap but i ont want to do nothig until i find out how to fix this problem.

thse are the two spar plug wires i cant get out.
Heres apic of the ones i did get out and how thy look all fucked up like they where cooked or sumthing.
those are the ends of it where they meet the spark plug.its all cracked and melted and shyt.

Checked the timing againtoday it skipped again.I will be sure to take it to a shop and get it corectly tuned.I might be trading my box full of problems for a 93 4 door civic this weekend though.Idk yet i love my da but has been constant problems.I half-ass too much.But being 17 with no job and no money its hard to get thing done"the right way"

Dont even drive it anymore. Timing jumped again obviously ur timing belt tensioner is not tighten to spec so its loose and while continue to beat on it it expands due to heat which makes it easier to jump a tooth.

I dont understand why the boot plug cant be removed? is it that tight down there. I figured you dont have the money to spend on a new set so u dont bother to touch it otherwise u wont have a car to drive OMFG.

Cant anyone lend u some money , not even ur gf? I am sure u can get some cheap replacement plug wires if not used for $25?.

Cheapest solution first is to get termostat after u get some used cheap or new wires cheap. I am sure the spark plugs are still ok at this point. So spend money on wires and termostat first. No more than $40 bucks if u just source out used parts with new termo. But i dont know how it is locally for u over in FLorida.

I got money now.And YES it is difficult x’s 109809709788609709 to get thoe last two out.If i take my car to a shop they should properly time it and install thermostat right?How much you think it would cost.Also ould they be able to pull the spark plug wires out?Someone on another website told me to use needle nose pliers and a compessor with blow gun attachment to get the spark plug wires out but idk anyone with one.And i have a spare motor with a rod knock in my backyard.Can i use that thermostat if anything or mightest well just buy a new one?

EditOkay just came from outside and got another one out =] the only one im missing now is the that the top part has broken off of bt it feels loosers since i jiggled i lie crazy just need needle nose pliers!!

try what is there first. use what u have if money is problem. It is unlikely the spare one is messedup as well. Do what u can and if u must get a long needle nose pier then go for it, but if u can use a clothe hanger the metal one and extend it and make a hook like at the tip and install it down there and yank it up really fast to see if it catches anything left over. Once its off and if u have debris from particles do not remove spark plugs until u blow them out otherwise u cause the next posting problem of “shit got stuck in the piston camber”.

Good Luck!

If it continues to jump timing it’s because you are not tightening the belt the correct way.

BTW: I replied in your other thread.

got new termostat installed and re-did timing also, reinstalled my battery tie down tray and filing up the flat tire(slow-leak) will go for a test drive and make sure everything goes okay also got new bosc spark plug wires =] car has an exhaust leak so it sounds nasty and seems to affect performance at low rpms.

nothing matters anymore my fuking tranny jst blew…

How sad r.i.p da

now r u gonna be repairing this or parting it out? :angel:

i would love to keep it but i am in such a dier need for a reliable daily that im just going to have to sell and buy another car because i can’t ever get this car working correctly no matter how much money i dump into it…If right offers come ill part it out lol

get some pictures of the interior up id like to see how the inside looks…if you werent on the opposite end of the east coast id offer to come down and take a look myself