Painting Dash Switch Bulbs- Any Pics?

I’ve been searching around and I kinda like the idea of painting the bulbs behind the switches…probably BLUE (Cruise Control, Rear Defrost , etc…). I am not talking about the indicator LED (or bulb… whatever they are) that just indicates weather the switch is on or not, but the the lights the illuminate the little illustration on the switch… like the rear defroster switch, or around the fan speed dial- the pic of the fan and 1-4. Anyone have pictures of the results they’ve obtained and like to post any experiences? Thanks,

Check out what someone did with their G3

Possible on a G2???

yeah, you can paint all those bulbs. A member here painted all his cluster bulbs (and maybe the dash and heater bulbs too…i forget) amber. Here is his post: unfortunately the pics aren’t up anymore.

I’ve done my gauge cluster, painted the overlay (dunno if thats what its called) white and the bulbs that shine down red, so now at night it lights up red like indiglo, cheap and it looks cool…

any pics distent?

ya how do u post on here?

If you have it posted on the web, just leave me the link. If not… e-mail it to me…

don’t paint them.
go to a music store( not cd store) and ask them for gells( the things they use to change the color of spot light.

you can get in almost any color and itz about $7-8 a sheet.
it won’t burn off like paint does and it looks good, becasue the color will be solid, not thin spots

1LOWTEG: How would you secure pieces of these translucent colored films onto the bulbs?

ANYONE have pictures of this done on a G2?

install LED’s instead

check this out! The pics are hard to see. Can’t figure out how to take pictures of this and get the pic to look like it actually does.
The effect is really nice and smooth looking. Does not look silly. Or cheap. I have a step buy step I made for any one who wants to do this. It will take you some time though.
If you need the step buy step. -email me
heres the pics :cool:

other pics of my car and some of the dash

I am not looking to illuminate the gauges. I am looking to change the color of the buttons on the dash, of the illustrations on each button. Also those LED lights aren’t even illuminating the dash at all. Just white specs… not throwing any light

i have the clock, climate controls, and SOME buttons with their “on” light red, i will take a pic for u tommorrow ok? it looks perdy niceee

Originally posted by DeftonesFur97
Also those LED lights aren’t even illuminating the dash at all. Just white specs… not throwing any light

I tried to explain that the pictures don’t show what it really looks like. Its so Fu(*ing bright at night that you can hardly see out the window. It’s practically blinding. Thats why I put in a dimmer switch for them, because I had too.
The pictures do not show clearly what it really looks like. :mad:

tushai: Yeah, that’d be great to see the pictures of what you’ve done. Thanks. How’d you do it? Just paint the bulbs or get Red LEDs for the “on” light?

Originally posted by tushai
i have the clock, climate controls, and SOME buttons with their “on” light red, i will take a pic for u tommorrow ok? it looks perdy niceee
:gotpics: please email

me too.

sorry bout the long wait…at the time, i broke up with my ex-gf shortly after, and she was the one who had the digital camera, so i didnt have access to one. but i do now, so i will post up pics tommorrow night hopefully, (gotta wait till nighttime for the lights to really look good)

but yea, everything in my dash is red (EXCEPT the gauge cluster and the ac/1,2,3,4)

for the rest of the lights (CRUISE button and its ON light above the word CRUISE, the rear defroster and its ON light, the fog button and its ON light, hazards, and whatever else buttons light up, the pics of the climate control settings (vent/floor/defrost) as well as recir/fresh is all red and i can be sure THOSE will never fade away.

what i did was i went to walmart and got some red-transparent paper, (hard to find, kinda), i found mine off the strobe lights that had color filter sheets. took apart the climate control to fix the soldering (TEG TIPS), and then when i took off the front of the climate control, i noticed that the pics of the VENT/FLOOR/DEFROST had a blue film over the pictures, and that would cause the light to shine thru and look bluish white. so i cut up the red transparency and covered up the blue film with it. i used about 3 layers. (TIP: when u cut it up, shine the cover of the climate control (the one that has the pics of VENT/FLOOR/DEFROST over a lamp with the red paper covering up the blue film, and the light will shine the pics up. u can tell what color u have at how many layers u put on. and when u reach the color u want, then stop and put everything back together. same goes for the buttons (very hard cuz the space is small and u have to cut up very small bits of transparency to fit it. u can ALSO do it with the clock, as my clock right now resembles the type r amber clock. looks very nice.

one thing i can’t figure out is how to paint or change the colors on the back of the gauge cluster without it fading. i’ve painted them over and over with red transparent paint, but it keeps fading. maybe that gells thing would work.

ill try my best to get pics up tommorrow. email me or post if u have any questions

EDIT:: if u do change the color of the clock, u will find that light won’t illuminate it very bright in the daytime, and if u have ur lights on when its bright, u won’t be able to see it at all. what i did, was i cut one of the wires on the back of the clock (the dimmer wire) so when i turn on the corners/headlight, the clock doesnt dim, it stays bright all the time.

oh and another thing. the bulbs behind the ON switches and the CRUISE light on the buttons are very small, and are not LEDs. if u ever taken apart ur gauge cluster, and seen the bulbs that are behind the turn signals, highbeam, ABS, CEL, seatbelt, etc., these bulbs are about HALF their size! i don’t know any place that sells colored bulbs for those, so best bet is to do the transparent paper, and u can rest assured that it won’t fade.

Is this how you changed the clock? Which wire is the dimmer wire?

I wonder why his clock looks so bright? Civic clock bulbs are brighter?

also, here is some instructions on how to do the climate control. Is the G2 similiar? From what you said, it seams to be the same method.

I take it that you painted before and it faded. Did you use the Tamiya paint?
The thing that sucks is the G3 cluster can accept 194 wedge bulbs, and ours can’t. That is an easy way to change to amber bulbs in a G3! :mad:

yea, i painted it with tamiya transparent red paint, and it faded away. actually the lights on our gauge cluster has 3 (one is the gas light though) 194 bulbs, and the rest, smaller bulbs. which suck, because you can’t just replace all of them with colored bulbs. and yes, i got my idea from that website 5 months ago when i saw it on i forget which dimmer wire it is, but if u go on honda-tech and search for the pages that they’re talking about DIY amber clock, one of them will tell u which wire they cut. its the same on a g2, as in a g3. or, u can pop off the dimmer switch, and look at the wire colors in the back, and try to match it with one thats on the back of the clock. i THINK the wire might be yellow, but im not sure. if u give me till tommorrow, i’ll try to pop the clock off and see which wire i cut.