Painting Taillight Question

Just curious, I was checking out the teg tip and came across Painting Taillight red tip. The author didn’t specify whether he painted the tails from the inside or the outside. If anyone knoww, please let me know.

Another question, do the custom painted tails look better than the “homemade” cleared out tails?

I painted my tails (red/clear ones) and it was pretty easy. Just paint the outside. Take your time and tape right! It took my about 2.5 hours to tape completely and get the sides matching correctly. Then just spray. Make sure you follow the directions on the can for when to reapply. Also if you have the 1/2 red/clears you can pretty much count on painting the plastic part on top of the light as well since the “chrome” comes right off. While you are at it, paint the side vents, too. Personally I like the 92/93 lights better since they fit a little better. I have not seen them cleared out in person though.[/IMG]

Good luck!

Messed up the image. Here ya go.


dude, i love your car! mad props!

very nice … jdm side marker lights???

Very nice car man! Good job with the lights.

Also, another question, how would the 92/93 stock tails look cleared out? Would they look as good as your? If anyone has pics, please post them up. Thanks.

Does anyone think that it will look good if I paint my 91 tails all red? I have a black hatch and I want to do this but I’m not sure if the top and bottom will match.

Clear tails

I had bought clear tails off ebay not knowing that they’re illegal in my state, Oregon.

Anyways, about how many coats would you say to put on? And the right paint is, Testor’s Red candy apple translucent spray paint? Thxs, im intersted in painting mine

With the spray paint do i still need to use gloss as well?

Anyways, about how many coats would you say to put on? And the right paint is, Testor’s Red candy apple translucent spray paint? Thxs, im intersted in painting mine

i did this about 2 months ago to my clear tails … you defineately only need one can of the candy apple red. after like 2 coats its on there pretty good. i use led bulbs in combo with it and its nice and deep red, looks really clean. i also tinted my stock tails and that took 2 cans (just as a comparison). anyway i can prolly get some pics up if you want.


k so i should look for testor’s red candy apple spray paint. Thxs, will i need some gloss or something as well? And after painted, gloss whole taillight, or only painted portion. Thanks, Wes.

are there spray cans or only pant for airbrushes.

Here’s what I used

I used Duplicolor Red Anodized spray paint found in my local auto parts store. I was also told that VHT translucent red works very well.

As for gloss. I just followed g2guru’s suggestion and wet sand and waxed. I was amazed at how good my lights came out. I would suggest the same to you.


Dude, Me and everyone I’ve known, when using that spray have learned that it sucks for painting Tail Lights. The’ll fad, fog and loose there shine. Here…this is a pic of my Tail Lights using a special Japanesse Tail Light spray…


I painted my aftermarket tails red on the bottom with
the japanese paint too, and I’m wondering if you guys think
if I should paint the top lip as well. The plastic part on top of the
chrome on mine has not chipped… yet

I’d say it looks nicer with the lip as mine above does, although I had to paint the top part flat black after the cheap chrome stuff started fallin’ off. Haha, Cute baby…looks suprised.

I decided to paint just the red square leaving all clear border

Very easy, the right paint is testors, transcent candy apple red - not testors candy apple red, or transulcent red. Looks like its going good, think im gonna use the whole can to get redess i can get. Have no tooken off the tape yet, I bet it looks great. This came very usefull!! Any suggestions of what bulbs I might need to replace, Im painting the bottom red, and the top is clear. Or im thinking i should be able to use the same bulbs but not sure.

And also, about how long will it take for me to disconnect 2 taillights and reconnect 2 others. And a easy-normal-difficult rate?


OMG!..haha, damn. Nevermind man, I’m not gonna say sh**. Candy Apple Red Sucks Part 2

would it be good if glossed over?