Parts of New Jersey with no gas!!!!

Wassup g2 members my girl n I been looking for gas for about two hours …all the local gas stations are closed n the highway gas station are packed . It’s so packed that the line reaches two exits back and there traffic like crazy … Ill try get some pics

You do realize that a good portion of the state is without power correct? I filled my car and my parents cars on saturday. Today with 212 miles to empty remaining i waited 45 minutes in line for roughly $23 worth of gas. The line was a few miles long but i had some food from wendys, sirius radio and heat to keep me company. There were many people filling both cars and cans for either generators or chainsaws. Until power is restored you’re going to either have to wait in line or risk both your car and the operational stations running out of gas.

Jea by where I block is the only one with light n cable some people don’t have cable … Jea I would wait but people were waiting 4 hours to get gas. People were making a line fill a gas tank n a line for cars… I was thinking of even going to PA to get gas bro

my mom lives in pa, hasnt had power and wont till sunday, so good luck

Maybe instead of gas, you should be driving around looking for an English class.

ignore this dude, all he does is trash talk everything cuz hes a lost old man in the chair force…good luck on your gas voyage

In the future, you should make an effort to prepare for events like this.

lost old man?

you’re the fatty who “retired” at E-4 cause he couldn’t pass the ARMY’s worthless PT test. 2 minutes you couldn’t do enough pushups to pass? :rofl:

Good point alot of people had the ant and the grasshopper mentality when it came to this storm. My neighbor purchased a generator since his sick mother has a whole host of medical equipment that needs constant power. He also purchased a 55 gal drum for his garage. Everytime he got gas he would fill this 2 gallon can then pour that gas into the empty 55 gallon drum at home. So far we’re on day 4 of no power and he’s made zero trips to the gas station. Yestetday everyone and their mother were fulling 2 to 10 gallon cans. Is it worth waiting on line for 2 hours to keep $40 of food cold? I mean for those who arent powering durable medical equipment.

There is a finite amount of gas at the stations, trucks aren’t making regular deliveries , most stations have no power and i assure you that holding tanks/refineries are either damaged or without power. If i were the op i would have got gas before the storm then got at the end of the line when i hit half a tank.

Even better is a multi-fuel generator. :up:

Truth. Or natural gas like a generac (sp). Natural gas units cost some serious coin and most of the 50x100 and 60x100 lots in my town dont have the right clearances ( generator has to be x feet from other properties and x feet away from the house and so on) for installation.

we’re too close to the water for gas utilities, so we’ve got a tri-fuel. :up:

Jea i had to go and park the car and walk to the gas station to fill my 5 and 2 gallon gas tank,

[QUOTE=armedferret;2276330]lost old man?

you’re the fatty who “retired” at E-4 cause he couldn’t pass the ARMY’s worthless PT test. 2 minutes you couldn’t do enough pushups to pass? :rofl:[/QUOTE]

sounds like he got nothing better to do but just talk crap , he probally has noone to talk to lol

man I do not envy you guys predicament over there… glad everyone is ok tho.

[QUOTE=armedferret;2276330]lost old man?

you’re the fatty who “retired” at E-4 cause he couldn’t pass the ARMY’s worthless PT test. 2 minutes you couldn’t do enough pushups to pass? :rofl:[/QUOTE]

who said i couldnt pass a pt test? i wasnt chaptered in any way, i under went a year long medical board…also im sure at your old age and being in the chair force what maybe 10-15 push ups and sit ups? oh yea and dont forget your run is shorter and has lower times too…hmm…maybe you should just shut the fuck up cuz im tired of ur stupid ass mouth always talking down on everyone…get over it your a desk jocky paper pushing old ass retard in the chair force who doesnt do shit! now shut the hell up and stop wasting space in peoples threads cuz ur fking stupid and worthless already…go find a camel or a goat to fck

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Flushing, Queens area is out of gas as well.

damn jea where i went yesterday they ran out of gas too

If you have the range for it, instead of idling around for 2 hours searching just drive 1.5 hours west. Allentown area has plenty of gas stations open. ~90 miles from paterson. And I’m sure you’d find working stations before making it that far. So pour 4 gallons into the teg and head west…with extra 5-gallon jugs of course.