Peeps with turbos..

ANyone with a turbo setup on their car running, i need some help. Need to know how much boost your running, and with what fuel system (injector size,standalone?,fmu?). i’m wondering how much hp these 370 cc injectors will support, and what kinda fuel system i’m gonna need. i allready have a 255lph intank pump,aem fuel rail,etc. leeme know what u guys have so i know how much booost i can push with these injectors etc. thanks


with a factory fuel pump and a b&m fpr and a SAFC, I am pushing 4 psi no problem…when my new bbk fuel pump and holley fmu come in tuesday, I will crank the boost up t 9.5! :smiley:

your still gonna use your stock injectors to push 9.5psi? just checkin. if u do, lemme know how that setup turns out. b/c i allready have a 255lph fuel pump,vortech fmu,aem fuel rail,vafc. leeme know how that setup turns out, and if your running to much, or lean or rich or whatever the case may be.