Photo Thread V

Chloe had her 7th Birthday a couple of days ago (!) so we had a pool party.

Buddy making his usual faces at the camera

Chloe in the pool with her friends

Chloe again.

Contently listening

Danielle and her friend Katrina

Chloe droolng over the cake

Chloe blowing out the candles.

Party’s over. :frowning:

Random pics

I really like the randoms J, but seriously, you could have found better win in a box! Just drink moonshine homie!
J. (colt45ftw)

That’s the wifes drink, not mine. :giggle: I’m a beer guy.

thank god J said something because when I saw that i almost took your man card.

I bet you want my “man card”. :gayfight:

id slide it down the crack of your ass!


the excitement of the party isnt exactly keeping the girl on the right very warm.

I think she was blowing out the candle…with her mind.

She’s a cutie.

I don’t have much that’s new, I’ve been shooting a lot but haven’t really been satisfied with what I’ve been getting lately. Just in one of those lulls where nothing seems to come out the way I’d like it to.

Took these around my apartment complex one afternoon.

they have pills for that.

These are some of my favorite undies. I like the way they look on me in heels. :cool:


Let’s see them undies on like a Female…HEHEHHEEE…

Nice pcs…Keep em coming…

Good stuff D. I know what you mean. I’ve had a “photographers block” or something lately too.

I think it really started when I switched to CS2, I had to re-learn where some of the commands were and I was trying to learn how to edit for print rather than post and I just kept fumbling up on color management and editing. It got so frustrating that I just didn’t feel like even going through the trouble for a couple weeks so I left it alone. I moved in January too, so I was pretty busy with that and didn’t have time to do much editing or shooting anyway. I still have about 5 GB of shots I haven’t gone through yet, but I’m back in the swing of things now so I’ll get to them when I get time.

It’s really strange how editing is very dependent on mood as well. If you’re not up for editing pictures, they come out completely differently. I guess it really is a means of expression if the mood you’re in when you’re sitting there editing a picture affects the way it’s presented to others. I did a shoot of a friend’s car a couple weekends ago and when I was editing it was dark and gloomy outside, and the pictures came out with that same feel even though the day we shot them wasn’t like that.

I’m still jealous of the vibrance you get out of your wildlife and macro shots. Mine just seem to lack the saturation depth that yours have.

I know exactly what you’re talking about with the editing thing. I noticed it changes depending on what music I’m listening to while I’m editing stuff too.

Nice pics.