picking a power goal need opinions

so my car is being built i need a power goal please give me some numbers
my first choice is 300
note this is a daily driver/show car

my car has
b18a1 rebuilt and all that
je pistons
ge rods
arp studs
550rc inj and all the other stuff
with gt35r turbo kinda big but it was cheap so i had to
no sleeve and stock head

My opinion but with that injector I wouldn’t shoot for much more then the low 3oowhp range. Bigger injector and more boost, you can handle more.

300hp is a good number as longs as you don’t abuse off it
i would be happy with 250hp for a daily driven car my cousin has 220hp and man that car pulls,i know its not that much power but for a car that is daily driven just stick to a safer side 12psi is what my cousin is running

300 hp can easily be done and be reliable and quick, One thing tho… I would sell those RC Injectors for something alot better. It is very important to have a good injector on a turbo car and RC injectors are not it. Even some stock rx7 turbo injectors (550-750cc) are way better and your car will idle much better and anything you use to tune it with will have no trouble controlling them. Also stay away from any Rochester style injectors too stick with japanese built quality!!! You will definately have fun with 300 hp for sure!!!

hey thanks guys i honestly want as much power as possible without having to get sleeves and all that

From what you’ve posted; your limited by your injector size. If you plan on making over mid 300whp, then I’d go up in size. I wouldnt worry about sleeving the motor since you dont plan on “pushing” it…

From what you’ve described I’d also look into getting a turbo with a more usable power ban for what your trying to do.