pics of charge pipes?

lookin for pics of charge pipe routing for cars with AC and PS… only found one pic of a car that didnt require hacking of the car (i did a shit ton of searching already) but it had like a mile of piping… any other options out there?

DRAG lists a kit for the 90-93 teg…anyone have a pic of what that looks like on the car?

oh btw i have a sexy GSR, and i dont feel like hackin her up to put charge pipes in, and i bought the car for its luxurys like AC and PS. so for now i think they need to stay…

full race backdoor style w/ half sized radiator, might have to change the a/c condenser to a smaller one also, not sure what car you could find one from that would be the size u need. biggest problem with f-r stuff tho is the dp normally won’t fit with a/c.

full race backdoor style? you refering to the intercooler?


Search noob…hahah :slight_smile:

…the bumper will cover the holes.

what the dilly chris, hows the car running?

Popped an axle on the line at the track last week and overheated at the same time in the burnout I guess…

All was good until them…doing a compression test this weekend… :shrug:

we gotta meet at the track when i get my car back together. hint hint: it has an axle nut now.
side note #1: do you think u caused damage overheating? what track are you running at?

We are so taking over this thread.

No idea on the overheat. It could be that I am still on stock head studs and the head is lifting…

Hopefully I didnt pop or warp anything… :bawl:

Island Dragway in Great Meadows, NJ

yea, it died before we took it over tho.
you could pull the head, have it milled, drop a new headgasket on it with arp studs in almost no time. how is that track. it’s only like 2hrs from me so i might stop by sometime.

Shitty track, but no one goes so you get tons of runs in.

Compression is fine 190 190 190 180 so I am happy about that.

Bought some forged rods and CP piston and an LS/vtec conversion kit. Now I need to find a b16 head :slight_smile: