Pics of my install

Well after about a year of gathering parts, i finally put it all together. Here are some pictures of my install. Im not quite finished yet. I still have some little things to get together and then a dyno tune. I appreciate all of the help i have received from everyone.

My setup:

Stock B18A
SFP manifold
Garrett T3/T04E .63ar exhaust, .60ar compressor
Tial 38mm wategate w/ .6 bar spring
Spearco intercooler
Sard R2D2 BOV
Stainless steel intercooler pipes
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Hondata S200
Excedy 3 puck clutch

damn nice setup man, keep us informed when you dyno the car… :rockon:

Anybody know a hondata tuner in the florida panhandle or lower alabama area? There is a tuner near me called adams automotive, but those guys are really gay

What kind of numbers are you expecting to put down and how much did this setup cost you?

3 puck clutch?! wow, you a savage. How stiff is it? I drove my friends car that had a 6 puck with extreme pressure plate and that was already pretty crazy.

I will be tuned on 8.5 psi first. I have noticed that people usually get somewhere between 210-240whp under that amount of boost, so i really dont know. I will be happy with whatever i get at first. The setup was quite a bit of money. All of those little things add up fast. I am just glad i am finished :clap:

Yeah the 3 puck is a little stiff, but it is nothing you cant get used to. Starting from first is a little tricky, but the rest is a breeze