pics of my non abs conversion

i have recently converted my 92 gs from abs to non abs using a stock non abs g2 proportioning valve and front brake lines. i used a 12x1>10x1 adapter fitting to connect the rear non abs line to to stock abs master cylinder. i retained this 1" mc because i have larger itr brakes on my car and wanted the extra piston area. to extend the rear brake lines i had a local hose shop fabricate some 6" sections of braided steel brake hose. these turned out really nice as you can see. this album will show the correct installation of the factory non abs components into an abs car, but not the removal, sorry. enjoy g2ic… questions/comments welcome.

hmm possible cost/size info on the braided lines?
oh and archivethis :slight_smile:

Great idea to use the 10>12 adapter at the master cylinder. :up: I cut the 10mm fitting off and installed a 12mm one when I did mine. It was kind of a pain because of the way the tube is shaped in that area.
Oh, I also re-used some of my old ABS tubing to make the extensions for the rear lines like this:

wow nino, when i was trying to use the hardline i thin i used the exact same pieces of the old line that you did. it looked exactly like that. i gave up bc i couldnt get the lines flared. i couldnt get a metric double flare tool in time so i just had those made. the braided lines cost me around $45, with tax, labor and parts. anyone should be able to replicate something similar for a similar amount of money. also…make sure that you use authentic brake fittings.

What? No, “Thanks to Duy”?

JK, looks good :up:

actually… i do want to thank EVERYONE that helped me on this project. duy, john, jason, all you guys! for anyone wondering… abs removal isnt the hardest thing in the world. it basically just requires unbolting a lot of things and taking them off, cleaning up brake fluid messes before you ruin you paint… and getting all the new components on there with your wallet and sanity still in tact. all in all, the hardest part of the conversion was the actual routing of the lines and getting them to fit in the right places. anyone that follows my method, with the fitting adapter and braided hoses wont have to fabricate anything and could easily sew this entire project up in a day.

furthermore… total costs:
-4 stock brake lines from $100
-new prop valve from same source $140 (used, i have seen it for $50)
-braided steel extension lines and fittings $45
-this is the part where you either buy a non abs mc for around $100 or use the one you have with an adapter fitting for around $5

so if i have a ls parts car all i need to buy are the extended rear lines for 45?

Yes, unless you make your own lines using the spare lines that you will be pulling out.

I did this conversion for pretty much free.
My friend gave me a prop valve. But other than that I used no extensions at all.
I just mounted the prop valve on the firewall and bent the lines into place then flared them.
It certainly cleaned up my engine bay. and I dont have to carry around a bunch of non functioning broken abs parts now.

Where did you get the 12-10 adaptor??


i live in texas, in the cotton capitol of the world. there is a place here called farmer’s hose supply. they have just about every fitting you can imagine there. you might want to check out hydraulic shops on the industrial side of your town. thats always a good place to start.

hey turbogeekda6 im from Austin,TX maybe we can get a meeting started some where close if there is other G2 owners in Tx.

im down

I went to 8 different bolt and fitting places today and nobody had any. Could you pick one up for me and Ill pay you for it + shipping to Nebraska?


i do not mind picking fittings up by any means. however, i cannot guarantee availablity when i get there. i also am not going to make 50 trips. lets get everyone together that wants fittings and ill do it all at once. also, what fitting did u want exactly. let me know who else wants anything.

I want the 12 to 10mm for the master cyl.

So anyone else want one so he only has to make one trip???

turbogeek, let me know when you’re ready to get it. Ill paypal or send you $$ which ever you prefer.


i have a question i have a 93 gsr and i don’t have abs in it
it was removed now the abs light comes on and i was wondering if you guys had this problem as well and how you got rid of it.

um…remove the light bulb?

Un-plug the ABS computer. It’s behind the passenger side quarter trim panel(near the rear seat).

i know this has probably been discussed at least once among the hundreds of abs threads, but why again is it so bad (when its working). i know the design is pretty obsolete, but ive found that it helps me now and then. i know that i cant pulsate the brake as quickly manually. in most cases im sure i’d have skidded and lost a few feet.