pistons and rods

what kinda pistons and rods should be used when boosting an ls engine over 300 horse power? Im lookin at turboing my car but i know the stock engine can only take up to a round 300 hp before you start gettin in to trouble. Also at what hp should you have the piston walls sleaved?

Forged pistons…then you"ll need to sleeve your block.

CP, Eagle…etc

1st question, how much wheel hp are you looking for?

If you are planning to just make 300whp you dont really need pistons/rods yet.

im lookin to get at least 350hp from my engine

JE/SRP piston Eagle rod combo will be sufficient.

thanks for the info appreciate it ill look up those rods


Im boosting my B18A1 as well and Im looking for about the same HP goal but I want cams, dual srpings, ti retainers, 3 angle valve job…just mild though. I just really dont know what cams to use?? Can anyone give me some ideas or suggestions on my head build??

Bottom end

I was also wondering if I should go with 9:1 or 9.5:1 compression pistons on my bottom end build? along with eagle rods/ARP rod bolts, 81.5 mm sleeves, and crank gurdle cuz I plan on LS Vtec in the future.

I can only suggest JG303 cams over the others that are out there. crower 402T’s and crane $$$$ cams. there have been good gains on those cams.

I think 9:1 compression pistons is sufficient and you can attain your goal of 350HP. CP pistons/Eagle Rods, you’ll need a dual valve train to run those cams too, so crower, rocket, supertech, etc… are out there.

Thanks for the information!