Pix from Central FL meet. 15March2009 @ Kelly Park

Thanks to all who turned out. It was great seeing everyone again! I wish people would just arrive on time though so we could all eat together and not have all this hassle about food buying etc.

Here are mine.


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It was great seeing everyone again. We have to get together more often.

Belkis and I forgot our camera so we could not take any pictures. Also sorry we where late we under estimated how far the park was from our hotel rooms.

awesome pics that you took neil!! It was definately a good meet and awesome too have met all the people that came out as well and hopefully will see you guys again soon!!

looked like a good meet.

^^^ Bro you should have came with us. We rode up too Orlando Saturday afternoon. Also you could have crashed with us, my fiance and I had a room with 4 beds in it.



Pics look good guys…Unfortunately, the ones I took can’t be recognized by my computer. Stupid camera.:frowning: It appears that Steve and Neil has authorized mechnics checking their cars.

Corolla kid here lol, freakin sick meet!!! we gotta have some more often! i definately have to get a DA soon!! atleast just a shell…

wish i could of made it =[

the meet was nice it was a better turn out than the last one … i was hopin on seein a pic of my db1 from 2day but i didnt see any lol

great meet again…I wish I had a camera, so we are relying on you guys to post a ton more!

Dawn: I forgot to ask you if JC thought everything was okay with my under carriage inspection?? :slight_smile:

We had a great time as usual! Looking forward to one down south in the summer!


Check out the link Neil posted…There are alot of pics in there.

check the link on top of my post too…there are 108 photos in the photobucket :slight_smile:

Looks like a good time. I envy all of the green-ery. :slight_smile:

my new desktop wallpaper!

thanx kids!

It was a great meet. My wife and I had a great time. Seeing all my friends from back when and now to be able to meet new ones is a blessing.

The next meet will be down south. At my house and then a cruise, or down in Miami and then a cruise. And it will be on a Saturday. It will be mid July for info sake.

My pics will be posted soon. Even though they look just like the onze already posted. LOL

yea i did i looked through all the pics 2 times lol hopefully the next time i come out there i will have the hole car done … am workin on the trunk right now so once am done wit that an goin 2 do the rest of the car … oh an hopefully ill see another db1 out there lol

thanks vi massive good looks on deh pic dem dred

lard ah mercy dem VI people hottin up de scenes!