please allow me to introduce myself/south Florida content

Sup guys ive been eyeing this site for a while and after patiently waiting seven days I finally getto introduce myself.please excuse incorrect spelling or missed spaces as im posting from my phone during work and it 4.30 am.Let me start with a little info on myself.Names Victor and im from Miami.ok enough of me lets get to the proud owner of a 1991 acura integra.This picture was taken the day after I picked it up.

All stock except a 2000 b20b p8r with Ls tranny and exedy clutch,hid,and the enkei jspeed 2.the car runs flawless and it was owned by a Honda tech.ill update with some new goodies that I soom as I upload pics

An interior pic

good to see another g2 with jspeed on it, nice looking ride bro.

welcome and nice DA

wow! nice da man. lets see that interior sans glass glare, looks MINTY. have you considered painting the hood,roof and trunk back to jasper green?

nice car bro!

Sorry for a late response,one of the first goodies I picked was a nardi wood grain steering wheel with nrg quick release

And some interior shots

After 3 Weeks I was bored of the j speeds so I switched it up a bit,I also got skunk 2 camber kits front and rear.

Just took this one,93 only

nice da looks real good . most guys on here are real good guys except for a few who have no life and cry if u dpell something wrong. im tuned in for more updates

Thanks for the warm welcomes and comments,yes I want to paint it.I cant stand the two tone but it will have to wait.right now im going to focus on my suspension and motor

Digging the two tone interior, honestly. I’ve been really fond of it, here lately. Especially when the interior is in good shape.

Not a bad start. :up:

However, I’m not a fan of the new wheels. Just seem a bit “gawdy” to me. Not my style. But, if you like 'em, then more power to ya.

Im also iffy,im working with a buddy and hopefully ill get him to let go of his bbs

Welcome. I live in Pembroke Pines area if ever you may nee anything. Keep up the good work.

Yes sir text me,786-three four zero-0893

Bump Miramar area!

We definitely meet up

Nice interior! clean teg. looks real good with that stance and wheel setup :up:

more details…

Uploading some pics.g2 has new shoes


damn looks good, need higher res pics though! woodgrain wheel looks proper with that tan interior

I know,sorry guys these are all cellphone pics.ill see if I can barrow a camera soon