pm6 in 91 da

This maybe a stupid question,but… Can I use a pm6 ecu in my 91 da. I have a b16a swap(obdo) and am currently building a turbo setup. I would like to use turbo edit to tune because a friend can do that easily for me. I cant use turboedit on my pr3 so looking for different options.


if it matchs what OBD version your runnin, and you get it tuned, there shouldnt be any problems

A pm6 is obdo but non-vtec. I know you can convert to vtec on the pm6 and I’m looking to be able to use turbo edit instead of BRE for tuning. I can only use bre on my pr3. I am also looking to not have to use two o2 sensors, therefor want to use different ecu.

Can I chip a pr4 to vtec, and for boost using turbo edit?

Does Xenocron have any input to help me? Or anyone else at that…

yup hit xenocron up and ask him what would be best for your setup, he can help you out

or you can use a PS9 ecu…

If you’re OBD0 and vtec just run the factory PR3 or PW0. You can run BRE which is specifically for those two ecu’s.

What this guy said…or convert to OBD1