Possible build, need input

I’m looking at going turbo on a b20 stock b20
Block, or possibly b18 ls block.
I’m wanting to make a decent 220 and up whp
I just have questions about the what type of fuel and turbo to go with
I’m looking at
Precision t3/t4 turbo
Rc 450 injectors
Walbro 255
Spoolin performance cast manifold down pipe and dump tube
Custom FMIC
Mishimoto intercooler
And necessary oil lines ect
This will be on a daily driver streetable

sounds like you got all the basics covered… any motor work or internals? i think with that setup you’d be fine in terms of fuel and turbo size… good luck with build

pics? what kind of car is it going into??

It’s just going to be stock block for now, that’s why I don’t want to go for to much horse power. I’d like to get about 250 to 300who honestly, don’t wanna blow the motor till I can build it it’ll be stock block for about a year till I can get money to build the engine. I’ll post pictures up later tonight!