post favorite pic of YOUR car, NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS

i don’t want no darkdb1, devious pic whore bs in here just ONE pic of your car that you really like.

here’s mine

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shitty old pic. but my favorite pic i have saved

I haven’t pulled mine out of the garage yet for a shoot since I got it. But I guess this would be my favorite pics of my :smiley:

heres a good picture of mine.


my own parking space in my school hahaha
with my buddy’s hatch

cabooses car is sick in person 2…ehh besides the lip he busted off in my driveway…sorry bout that…lol

ask and you shall receive

Some really nice pictures coming out here… :up:


cant decide

you ALL new I was bound to chime in on this one :wink:

this is my favorite:

i love the angle and positioning of this shot

i wish i would have centered the car in the shot a little better though.

mxkin3x, that shot is very creative, i love it :up:

Nice shot… hope you don’t mind… cropped n’ tweaked it… would have come out better if i was working with a raw file and spent more then a minute… :up:

some clean tegs hear i <3 that color blue

I took so many pic’s of my DB1… But i think i like this one the best.

And persian… :stfu: , Right now you are acting like a immature prick…


i just dying to know when you 2 are going to stick it in each others butts