Post your Most current timeslips and Dyno numbers

Ok, Why not have a thread with everyone’s numbers (ETs and Dyno #s). i’ll go first

Dyno (10/29/03)

123.3 HP
110.1 Lb/Ft TQ

Best ET run (11/1/03)

R/T - .848
60’ - 2.455
330 - 6.825
1/8 - 10.430
MPH - 67.46
1000- 13.539
1/4 - 16.170
MPH - 85.15

I’m on the left, some supra thing on the right:


impressive, Mr.Ogle

Ben what have u done to your car?

2020lbs and a stock 2000 b20z2.


New track time

Run 1
RT - .896
60’ - 2.321
330’ - 6.49
1/8 - 9.974
MPH - 70.44 mph
1000 - 12.971
1/4 - 15.522
MPH - 87.55 mph

rt .477
60’ 2.187
330’ 6.275
1/8 9.753
mph 70.61
1000 12.755
1/4 15.317
mph 88.16
full int. half tank of gas and me 2785lbs.


160whp @ 7700
117Wtq @ 5700

14.92 @ 91mph
2.14 60ft
On VERY sloppy Stock suspension I thought I was going to pop a wheely, haha Should be able to get that down quite a bit

124 hp @ 6000
116 tq @ 5000
w/ 115 compression in 3rd cylinder

as you see on the dyno, in the higher rpms, the lines kind of go in a lower and upper bounds. i adjusted the timing from 16 to 18. the higher is 18 and the lower is 16, of course.

no data on Drag times yet

damn you beat me by.43 HP and 5.4 ft-lbs.

what mods do you have and which motor (90-91, or 92-93)

Originally posted by sucka306
[B]New track time

Run 1
RT - .896
60’ - 2.321
330’ - 6.49
1/8 - 9.974
MPH - 70.44 mph
1000 - 12.971
1/4 - 15.522
MPH - 87.55 mph [/B]

What did you change to shave half a second?

first time
17 inch eagle alloy series 160 rims wrapped in kumho 712s (205/40)
full interior, mini amp and 4 extra 6.5" speakers
first track experience

second time
14 inch steelies in the front, 13inch in the back
new oil filter and oil change
new NGK spark plugs
new NGK spark plug wires
new Fuel filter
no back seats, amp, or speakers,
second track experience

i think thats it

there had to of been more…
my buddy has a G3 LS that he has gutted and can only get to 15.7
ill see what kind of times i pull sometime… with y extra 1/2 hp and 5 torque :smiley:

yeah, i dont know, but i am happy with my times, after my first trip to the track i was hoping to break into the 15s the next time i went. Now that i met that goal with ease, i wish i would have done better, i just need to learn how to shift into second(i spun a little bit too much i think).
i think the times are all dependent on many factors. track conditions, car condition(engine and wieght), driver skill, and lots of other stuff. He could have had a day like my 16.17. who knows

what mods do you have/??

i’m pretty sure the g3’s are slightly heavier than the g2’s

the only mods i have are:
dc 4-2-1 header
high flow cat
Thermal Exhaust
removed intake resonator
94-95 GSR wheels (15x6)
Kumho 711 205/50/15s

i think im gonna hit the track tomorrow

decent mods. i think if you can drive it you should hit around 15.4-15.3

ok, i want to ask yall a question (hijacking the thread for a sec)…

What do yall shift at and why???

Now 1st the power drops after 6k
…2nd…around 5.5
…3rd…around 5.5-6.0
…4th…dont care (stupid to top out)

anyways, you can hear when it stop making power (makes like a mono-tone sound. Now this is for MY LS not everyone else. Cause i got to thinking, alot of people think shifting right at redline it best. well its not, i shift between 5.5k and 6k and pull hard on other stock LS’s cause they wait till redline which is after the power starts dropping!

(on the graph about, it shows what im talking about, the guy who has the graph looks as if he should shift at right around 6k to get best performance!

Thoughts? Opinions?

that was my graph, and i wouldnt want to shift right at 6k… lemme explain…

when you shift, you drop 1-1.5k rpms, lets say 1k rpms for shits and giggles… so for me to shift in my car, i would drop down to about 110 hp.
if i shifted at 6.5k rpms, i would stay at the same hp level (about 120) the best way to figure this out, is to see how many rpms your car drops in each gear, and dyno your car and see where you should be shifting. when i drag race next, ill try redline, 6k, 5.5k. ill probably launch at about 3k rpms or so, maybe 4 since i can hook up better at the track. drop to about 25 psi in the fronts. i doubt ill hit 15.3 or 4. im shooting for high 15s. ill be happy if i get that, and exstatic if i get anything better

This was a couple of weeks ago, my max was 132.4 i think but they printed out my first run

Torque= torque was around 120 to 125 or something? not sure can’t be certain all i know is 120-125 something around there, chart didn’t specify the max number of torque

92-93 b18a intake and exhaust, everything is stock, nothing with the engine was messed with