Prelude tails concerns.

ok, i went to go look at my car today (in process of doing newer prelude tailight conversion) and the tailights are even and everything is even, cept on one side there is a 1/4 inch slit where the tailights raps around and ends, one side has it and the other dosent…i guess ill have to post pics tommarow, i just hope it all turns out ok, cause heres what im having done:

Tailight conversion
Shaved antenna hole
Shaved trunk key hole
Taking wing off and shaving those holes
Emblems shaved

Ill post pics tommarow, if anyone has done this conversion or knows anything, please post if you had any problems or know of anything

i dont know if this would help much… but someone here did that conversion before. it was in a forum… it was a while ago… u should check on old forums… just scroll through… it was nice… dont know the poster’s name… but it was a link to his website, and it had all the pics on it.

hmmm…heh…ya its lookin better, i dunno…ill post pics tommarow, the guy just has to wire it up

lookin forward to seein it…

so what method are you using to shave the antenna hole and the emblems (teg tips, etc)?

Racer X-How many people are in the Santa Rosa area? I am about 2 hours away in Fort Bragg. We should arrange a mini meet some time, that would be sweet. Which prelude tails are you going with? Do you have a Hotmail chatting account?

ya my hotmial is

the way im going about shaving all that stuff is welding plates behind the hole and then just making it smooth with a little bondo…im using the 97 and up tails…and ya im down with a mini meet, i think that would be cool, im kinda dissatisfied with the tails as they sit right now, but i guarentee once i get around tog ettin a paintjob then ill get em touched up and they will look fine

post up picks as they look right now…

the shop is closed today, but i will get them tommarow

ok i got my car back and im about to cry…here is the pics…im so ****ing pissed right now

if anyone knows a good body shop that can redo these right and also gives good paintjobs any help would be appriciated…

here is some front pictures

The GF workin on the rizz-ied

who wants a pic of her posing on the car?

RACER X-Hey did you have tinted tails before? If so was it you that I went by pulling onto hearn-auto row in Rosa a few weeks ago? You were making a left towards auto row and I was making a right towards Santa Rosa ave? That sucks about the tail lights, who did them?

Yeah, He had black on the top of his tail lights :slight_smile: The lude lights look kinda …errrrr… in direct blazing sunlight but at night they look raw-matic! cause you cant see any imperfections and the lights just look soooooo nice! I love you racerX! bye bye!:inlove:

ya that was me, i threw a peace to you, :stuck_out_tongue: some guy from epic images did em,…never again will he ever touch my car

I hate to ask, but how much is that conversion? I really want that down but I’m having a hard tiem finding a shop and the lights.

find a good shop, and try or or just search ebay for em…anyone else have any comments on these pics? ill probly start a new thread for em

Originally posted by Racer X
find a good shop, and try or or just search ebay for em…anyone else have any comments on these pics? ill probly start a new thread for em

ick, they don’t even sit flush, and they seem like they’re not straight lined up. that’s a pretty bad job. your trunk doesn’t even seem to sit right. i would be mad too, u should get your money back and get it done at another shop.

well, the cut of the car looks all wavy, you know? Like around the headlights, doesn’t look straight at all. makes it seem like the car’s been run into, damaged. but hey, the antenna hole shaved looks good at least.

if you can get this done at a better shop, i’d be it look great. goodluck.

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the left side fender is pushed out a half inch, thats probly what u are noticing, ya and im definatly having it re done at anthor shop when ig et my paintjoib, otherwise it will just have to do for now…

I would start shooting people if someone pulled that kinda work on me. Sorry.:getsome: