questions on parts for FI

ok a few questions, what manifold are most of yall using that doesnt cost an arm and a leg and keeps A/C? also what cat should i use with a 3in dp and 3in exhaust piping that will still allow me to pass emissions, i know it really depends on how its tuned but still. I was gonna get a kit so i would have all the parts but i wanna part it together so ill have what i want/need. Im not sure about the turbo yet but its problly gonna be a T3/T4 of some kind but im still researching. thanks

I got a used SFP for $200. I also got it ceramic coated, very happy with it.

CAT? Yea, i don’t do a CAt. :clap:

Using an SFP manifold as well. So far so good

im not familiar with SFP. actully havent ever heard of them actully. As for the cat i have to have it emission legal so ill figure sumthing out

where did oyu guys get the SFP mani?

Drag gen2 is cheap and wont ever break.Not the most demanded but works out., I found mine on

as for the cat, run a stock cat when going for the emissions test, then take it out and install a test pipe. or be-friend a shop owner that does inspections, pay him $150+ to pass the car. I had to do this when living in NY. now that I live in florida there are no inspections :smiley:

what im worried about with stock cat is that ill have 3in pipe and the flages for the 3in piping and stock cat flanges are gonna be diff sizes

3 inch piping…A/C compatible manifolds…stock Cats and passing emissions…

Hah, good luck!

exactly, that is why im asking questions before i buy stuff cuz i would like AC, HAVE to pass emissions, guess i could sacrifice some power and do a 2.5in Dp and exaust. Would it just be easier to do a head job and nitrous instead of boost. I have a grand right now and was just gonna piece togther a turbo system over time

then this is your only answer.