Quick Easy Question !!! PS removal ?'s (why?)

I own a 92 LS with a few bolt ons like Fujita intake, Hks catback and Magnaflow hi-flow cat, 1 in throttle body spacer. I love this car and it runs great for the most part and I enjoy wrenchin on it everyday and tweaking it.

I’ve seen how people have been removing thier power steering, I am wondering why they would want to and what you gain from it. I think ive heard people say they get a small power gain? I really am just curious to what it would do and why people do it :slight_smile:

Anyone care to explain to me real quick? Thanks Guys!!!

i did it to clean up the engine bay a bit, wasnt too concerned about the minimum gain in power more just to get excess shit out of the bay

+1 and save a little weight.i also like the feel of it.and on are g2 the power steering only works to like 30mph or something

As for the gain, maybe a tiny bit better acceleration if any other then that yep +2 clean engine bay to make look better .

For example the gains are not much better than the “advancing 18 degree” i tell u so if u are doing it just for every juice then dont unless its going to be a track car and its built for N/A then every hp counts.

You’re not going to feel any power difference from removing it, if you do, then it’s purely a placebo effect.

I personally like the feel w/o power steering a bit more, plus like the others stated, it cleans up the engine bay a lot and drops a few pounds.

A friend of mine preferred having the powersteering as he autocrosses and felt it was better to have it than not. And Also I believe some classes of racing do not permit its removal.

yea it looks a whole lot cleaner without it. it does take a lil getting use to driving around without p/s, but i do like the feel of it a lot more. on each teg i’ve owned i’ve disable the p/s, and prefer it. but if u do lots of tight spot cornering in busy parking lots, bulk up.

parallel parking tho… forget it. its really not that bad when ur car is in motion tho.

i removed my ps belt only not even the ps pump and there is definitly a differance not nessaraly one that you can feel. but i have a friend that has a 2000 teg and we used to be equal when we race now i got a car on him plus a car this small you hardly notice the differance without it.

Mine came without the belt and I want to take the rest out. It gives you a closer feel I guess. The only time it EVER sucks is when you have to turn around in a one way parking lot (grrr…)

Right On Thanks a lot guys very informative got a good idea now Thanks

parallel parking tho… forget it. its really not that bad when ur car is in motion tho.[/QUOTE]

I parallel parked w/o power steering for years, it was easy. I no longer drive the car daily and recently took it out for a spin and had to parallel park. It was tougher than I remember, but still not a problem. As soon as you get used to it you’ll never even give it a 2nd thought. Tire compound and pressure will also effect ease of parking in these situations.

True, there was a huge difference when I went from 55 series tires to 40 series!

on my last teg i had some 205 50 bfg’s and it was harder then now with my 195 50 cheap o brand tires

Both of mine were 205, what makes the difference is the height of the sidewall, not the width. Having less rubber to turn eases it

yes thats all true and stuff about the tire making a difference and stuff. and yes i do remember it being easier after getting use to… but u gotta admit that it still takes more effort, especially when you’re on a busy street, then u gotta be quick about it. but its all choice, and i personally prefer to have no power steering on my car.

but… i no longer have the luxury of parallel parking while holding my large ass fountain drink in one hand =P

if you loop the steering rack and take out the two valves it makes a noticeable difference compared to just taking the belt off. ive been daily driving like this for a year now and you eventually just get used to it.

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Thanks for sharing Greenbling.

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When I was talking about tires I was referring to compound not dimensions.

Im’ sure you were, but I was talking about sidewall height