rear hatch window visor

anyone know where i can find the visor that goes on the rear hatch window? and for a decent price?


Heres a visual for ppl to see

that’s exactly what i mean…know where i can find that?

Your only chance is Ebay or a JDM inporter. That is a very rare piece.
Other than my car, I have only seen one car in person that had one.

Is there any official name for these spoilers? Are they oem on a jdm car? also does anybody know where they got the side skirts?

  1. rear sun shade
  2. they were a dealer option on JDM, EDM & USDM 90-92 (discontinued after 92)
  3. I have no idea

i dont know about integra’s…but my bro has a Lexus GS 400…they have a simliar piece, and its called a roof spoiler…havent really seen any of these on Integra’s

Here’s something…

i got one too =)…

hey, that’s great. i went on their website and couldn’t find it… do you have the link or know how much it is? thanks!

no, i don’t know how much these really go for…but just check the local junkyards and maybe you’ll luck out and find one…i got my sunroof visor and rear sunshade from a friend that had it on his teg but didn’t like it…

Is anyone willing to part their hatch visor? Ill offer 80 shipped for it?

:giggle: he said… 80 shipped.
Br0… I doubt that anyone that has one, will let it go for 80 bucks. I wish you luck though… it’s a very nice piece to own and I’m sure it’s functional as well as stylish.

I dont know what its worth. 150 shipped?

this is mine i got it from summit racing it from GTS and its called a solar wing

now THAT looks different.
kinda big, not bad, but definately different.

you could buy that gts one and trim it to look like the one your after?!?!

What’s holding that thing down securely? I checked the website and it says “3M tape installation”? Is that what’s holding it down just a tape?

thats huge!

just 3m tape ive had it on for over a yr now and the thing is still holding strong

Thanks man. Btw, which of the of the 4 GTS Solar wing model is yours exactly? They all look the same… I like the one you have but I’ll have to modify it.