Rebuilding "Blue"

I totaled my car this morning on my way to work. Was going about 30mph around a broad curve, hit a slick spot on the road (was pouring rain) and slid sideways for about 200ft. Hit a pretty big fence pole and mangled up my passenger side front fender. Looks like there is unibody damage, so the car is likely totaled. Also managed to fuck up one of the 5Zigen rims. Put a hairline crack all the way through one of the spokes, and took out a piece of aluminum about the size of a quarter on one of the other spokes.

Looks like this is goodbye, guys.

:frowning: :surrend: :bye: :tsk: :sad: :sad: :sad:

will have pics up as soon as i can get them uploaded.

thanks for all of your help and support, as well as all the nice comments you guys gave me on my car. maybe its not the end for it, but if this is “all she wrote” for it, then it was awesome being here. take care of yourselves, and be safe.


PICS of the worst experience of my life:

RIP :frowning:

I didnt believe the text message until you sent me the picture. But it looks repairable.

sorry to hear about your car. yea the noreaster is really bad rained alot the past few days. good thing your ok though. im not trying to be a jerk are you planning to part out your car? ill pick the parts up so you wont have to worry about shipping.

looks like you can fix it though.

It is repairable. But with the cars value it’s going to get totalled by insurance. It looks worst in those pictures then the one on my phone.


fixxxxxxxxx itttttttttttt…

sorry for your loss on a cleanass da, but i think it looks fixable or not go with a rhd clip :up:… but you’ll be back in a da :getsome:

that sucks…what tires did you have again?

damn that sucks! your da was clean…hopefully your suspension is fine…

thanks guys, it means a lot.

Matt, the tires are BF Goodrich G-Force Sports

[SIZE=“5”]SALVAGE SALE BEFORE THE INSURANCE AGENT GETS A LOOK AT IT[/SIZE]! What ya got you can give?:fingban:ME [SIZE=“2”]…oh BTW, sorry for the loss in the family[/SIZE].

I saw the thread title and the first thing I thought was say it ain’t so. Sorry for your loss, hopefully it will be fixable and it will be back.

Noooo, Jake!!! Damn man I feel for you. Hopefully its repairable, if you decide to fix it let me know. I may be able to get some parts at a fairly cheap price. Dont give up on it, you have too much time and $ in it to let it go. Well, hit me up if you decide to keep it and glad you’re ok

what kinda tires were those?

look like bfgoodrich sports

Damn dude i hate seeing crashed DA’s. Keep us posted on your next project!! GL!

That’s scary, it looks like those tires should have been able to handle wet really well.

didnt you just upgrade the suspension, brakelines and something else?? thats fuckign horrible man! i say buy it back if it gets totalled and part it out.

how much tread did you have left on those tires? its hard to tell from the pictures. almost looks like the center wear indicators are close to the surface…

either way, good luck, and i hope you don’t give up on the DA!

Jake. what are you gonna do if its totaled? done with hondas for good? looking for another chassis, or get another DA?