Return line has a kink. Help!

Ok well my return line has a kink in it because i believe the line is hitting the stock x member. Now the line isnt a ss braided line that comes with the stealthmode kit, but just the return flange from the turbo, and the nipple on the pan with a huge rubber vacuum line. Would it be ok if i notched the x member or cut a piece out? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

im sure notching it a little wouldn’t be a big deal but unless that is your last option i wouldn’t recommend it. is it possible that you can just clock the turbo to the return moves slightly away from the x-member? many of us have boosted DAs without any problems.

yea i know but i tried that and that shit is still kinked and im not sure what to do other than cutting/notching the xmember. Or buying a traction bar setup

if you could post a picture of your situation it would help a lot.

ill get on that

a pic would definitely help us to try to help you solve your problem. have you tried a different kind of hose? can you make it any shorter maybe?

already tired to make it shorter. doesnt work, and i would like to try a stainless line, but i have no idea where to get one, other than buying it from stealthmode

any truck dealers/garages in your area? i get all my fittings and hoses at a international dealer in my area.

i have a stealthmode SS line pay me $6 shipping and u can have it

if u need fitttings
look up for a store near you

i had the same problem with log cast manifold

little hammering on the xmember works good

send me an email to might be interested in that line, and thats the exact same place i have the problem. I think i might buy the line and since my bday is in may, ill have the fam donate towards a x member.

before you buy the line post a picture. I ran into a similar problem where the turbo and pan and xmember were to close. Problem with steel line is that you are limited on flex and you might not be able to bend the line enough. I got extra -10 an hose and an extra -10 an 45degree fitting if you want to buy them.

im going to toss up some pics this weekend…