i know their not eagle but what do you think?
why so cheap?


I really dont know why you would put that much money into such a critical part, when you dont know the back ground of the company. In the first one it says ARP, so the studs have to be ARP, cause i know ARP wouldnt take someone else using there name. Also it says it fits all the 1.8, and 2.0 b series engines pretty much. But correct me if i wrong. But the b20 rods wiegh i think 17-18 grams more. Althou many people say they are the same ide look into that one. Even if it dosent matter because your getting all 4, its good to know the knoledge of the company.

pay now or pay later… do it right the first time

im thinking about the ones in the 2nd link

you pay for what you get

why? Honda rods are known to withstand loads of horsepower, its the rod bolts that goes out. why are you looking to purchase the rods for? turbo?

stick with the oem rods. have them shot peened and/or have the casting lines grinded off and polish the beam. both processes will increase the strength of the rod. ARP rod bolts are a must!

yes turbo.

looking for right at 350whp.