say for example i wanted to convert my g2 to RWD… anyone got any ideas as to what i could steal parts from for the convert?

the engine drive shaft and axles from a 240sx should bolt right up no problems.

Yeah that’s what setup my friend is running.

For sure thats your best bet.

these guys aren’t lying. :baby:

RB25 that bitch

yea theres a guy out my way “TRYING” to do that 2 his crx wit a whole s2000 swap hes been working on it for 2 yrs on and off! he owns like 4 really nice crx’ like to see a rwd integra but i doubt it will happen

somebodys a little too jdm obsessed for their own good, lol.

I’m sure by rhd you meant rwd :wink:

Fuck that man he ment rwd. its the new thing all the kids are into

RWD -------FTW

K Swap ----FTL


hell, there is a guy in cincy, ohio building an H22 mid-engine integra

go to the team-integra webside. there is a mid engine teg on the front page.

80’s Jaguar independent rear
Ford 2.3L inline 4
Borg-Warner T5 transmission
Custom driveshaft

And don’t forget:

Cutting torch
Spare Integra in case it doesn’t work out (failing that, a bus pass)

If you want RWD buy a 240sx. Its alot cheaper and will be alot less headache, unless however you want to just be different. Good luck.


:getsome: :manual: 

Corniest quote ever: "Get yours today! JDM is IN!"

Spare Integra in case it doesn’t work out (failing that, a bus pass)


I’ve been thinking about this a little more. I have a potential solution, along the same lines as my original suggestion.

Step 1: Abandon any brand loyalty.

Step 2: Reconcile any negative bias towards domestics.

Step 3: Locate a 1987-88 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. These are equipped with the 2.3L inline 4, complete with a T3 turbo. Rear discs are standard on these models as well.

The reason this came to mind is that parts are cheap and plentiful, and there is as much or more aftermarket support for the Turbo Coupe components, as the Thunderbird of that era is essentially a lengthened Fox body Mustang (or more accurately, the Mustang is a shortened T-Bird). The Fox body Mustang is a unibody car, with a wheelbase that is essentially the same as a G2 Integra, and a rear track that is 2 inches wider.

One could cut the floor pan from the Turbo Coupe and graft it into an Integra (extensive bracing would be needed so the Integra wouldn’t collapse when the floor is cut; a unibody “frame” jig would be a good idea). Or just use the transmission tunnel and crossmember from the Fox body and fabricate a new rear subframe. Some firewall modifications would be needed (the engine could be set back to improve weight distribution), as well as an engine crossmember and mounts. The rear quarters would need to be widened.

Of course this means you would have an Integra with a live rear axle. If you wanted an independent rear, look for a later model Cobra Mustang. The SN95 platform Cobras had IRS, and there are a lot of shared components between it and the Fox platform. The rear track is the same. Many Cobra owners convert back to a live rear axle for drag racing (the IRS was meant for road track use, not for high-rpm clutch drops), so it should be possible to locate a complete IRS unit.

Limited-slip rear differentials are very plentiful for these models. The powertrains are very durable as well.

I see wiring as being less of an issue with this swap, as one could use the entire powertrain from the donor car. There’d be no less fabrication, but I can see parts being easier to come by, and a lot cheaper.

And if you wanted a full-out drag car, I’ll bet a 5.0 could be made to fit. It’d probably be sitting beside you (a transmission scatter shield would be a good idea), van-style, but I bet it could be done.

Notice the original query said nothing about practicality. :wink:

link here

go big or go home. RWD is nothing without power

There you go. That’s somewhat similar to what I pictured. All you need is to find a late-model 'Vette for next to nothing, much like that guy did. Problem solved! :wink:

there’s a place around here (in torrance i think) that sells complete corvette drivetrains starting at about 4500 each. i am planning on getting one for the suburban.

hey, just do a twin engine!